Dr. Oz: Invisible Hearing Aid

In his TV show, Dr. Oz, one of the most famous doctors from America, presented a new invisible hearing aid that can help people which are having problems to hear again. This product was also presented on CNN’s news and in New York Times. This invisible hearing aid was specially created to mimic the way that someone hears naturally.
It is called “Lyric” and it’s a device that can be worn up to 4 months. The user will have to replace it after its batteries die. The advantage of this product is that because it’s buried deep in the ear it’s invisible and nobody will notice it.


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Invisible Hearing Aid

Now I will tell you some interesting things that you need to know about this product that was presented in Dr. Oz’s show and not only. This hearing aid is the first extended hearing device that nobody can see, because it’s invisible. You will have to place it in your ear canal. Don’t think that you will be the one that will fix it inside your ear, because a well trained professional will do that.

After you will have it in your ear canal, you will be able to use it all the time. You will not have to take it off while you are sleeping or while you are swimming. An important advantage of this product is that people who have problems with hearing will not need any surgery to solve them. Lyric will help you hear better and so, you will begin to have a normal and beautiful life.

Comfortable Hearing Aid

You won’t have to make any effort to wear it, because this product is very comfortable. You won’t even feel it in your ears! I guarantee that you will easily forget the hassles produced by other hearing aids that you have tried.

Don’t think that when you will be sleeping, while you will use your cell phone or while you will use headphones you will have to remove it, because you don’t. You will definitely forget about battery’s changing, about maintenance and the most important thing: you will not have to take it off and put it on daily.

This product has so many advantages because it was designed in the shape of your ear. Lyric is the only hearing aid that can be placed inside you ear canal and that will help you hear almost the original sounds that are produced around you. There are no special settings that you have to set before using it.

The product is made of a soft material that will not make you feel uncomfortable while you will wear it. Some specialists will install the device in your ear and they will make sure that it is installed properly. Be careful and don’t try to install it by yourself, because you can do more damages to your hearing system.

This product is not very expensive, so anyone who has problems with their hearing can purchase it. This invisible hearing aid that was presented and promoted by Dr. Oz will definitely change your life.




    I am suffering from the hearing loss. Have purchased al lot of hearing aids but I m unable to use the same due to a social stigma.
    I was Looking forward to some 100% invisible hearing aid and came to know about you thru the website.
    Pl let me know the following things-
    1) Price for the pair
    2) Life of the hearing aid.
    3) Life of the battery
    4) After how much time Does it require to be disposed off after?
    5) Is their any buyback of the desposable ones?
    6) Dealers in India.

  2. sravn

    please say the price of Dr.zed highly invisible hearing aid sir

  3. kim caruso

    Need to know how much heaing aid cost and how much will the cost is for replacing and is there a money back garenteed just need one. Is it dangerous need to know some information

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