Dr. Oz New Tv Show

Dr. Oz’s own show is about to to air. By now he has revealed who’s going to be part of the Dr. Oz show.
Tim Gunn (Fashion Specialist), Bob Harper (Fitness Specialist) and Eddie George (NFL player) and his wife will appear on the Dr. Oz Show.


Source: http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6094/6226312263_a69f8ae022_o.jpg

If you know a littlbe about Dr. Oz and his biography, you might know that he intended to become either a professional football player or a surgeon when he was younger. That might also explain why he invited a NFL player to be part of his first shows, he probably had and still has great respect for the NFL.

Sportsmen are usually very healthy person, listening to a NFL player and hear what helps him to stay in good shape is probably going to be very helpful, but also all of the other guest have a special attitude towards health and lifestyle.

Bob Harper for example knows everything about fitness and nutrition. He has been the trainer for the successful weight loss series “The Biggest Loser”. Harper is also going to share health tips about motivation, emotions and physicial fitness with you and Dr. Oz’s audience.

Eddie George has helped many football players to face the challenges of health and will help you to challenge yourself to attain a healthier and better life.

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