Dr. Oz says lavender oil is good for relaxing

Lavender oil is a natural reagent, which is used as a natural cure for many health issues. If you doesn’t heard yet about it, here are some tips of how to use and what are the benefits of using this oil.


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Its fresh herbal sent is very pleasant, so anybody who use it wont make nod faces.The oil is carries within antibacterial, antiseptic properties. It’s a very good remedy for minor burns, simply to apply, the pain is isolated and makes the healing process to speed-up. I In fact, lavender was discovered initially by the quality it has for healing the burning injuries.

A chemist doctor discovered the fact, when he was working he burned his hand a little, and he putted his hand in the nearest bowl to cool down the burn. He observed quickly that his pains were almost entirely eliminated, and the burn healed in a very short time. From curiosity he checked the bowls contain, and that’s how he find the lavender oils first used healing effect.

Fight Sleep Issues

Also can help sleep issues for those who fight with this problem. The cumulated stress, the days spent with hard work are causing the most the sleepless hours, and sadly more and more people suffer because of this issue.

The sleepless nights can be avoid now by using the lavender oil, and its use is simple, you have to rub it into your feet sole before going to sleep, or you can put some drops on a tissue, and place the tissue in your pillow, between the pillowcase and the pillow. Your sleep is better because the lavender oil is also known because of its calming, and stress release effects.

Relax, cope with stress

In case that you are anxious, or very stressed because of something, inhaling the lavenders oils smell can relax you instantly. You have to put a few drops of oil in your hands, rub them together, and place your hand to your nose and mouth. That will help you surely to relax, and release stress.

Another disturbing and often happening problem is the headache. The lavender oil offers natural remedy for this too, you have to simply massage it into your temples, or inhaling it reduces the severity of your stress caused headache, and it’s a natural remedy even for migraine headache too.

This is a fantastic discovery, because everybody suffers headaches sometimes, but there are people who often suffer from headaches, they have to take medicaments to make it disappear, and sometimes these meds to do not work properly, so your whole day can be lost because of this issue, and of course the hours spent with this pain in your head are not quite pleasant.

Get rid off pain

It is also a natural remedy for almost any kind of pain, and as I told u the use of it its very simple, another benefit of course it’s the avoiding of taking pills.

As it wont be enough how many good qualities it has, keeps the insects away from you because its powerful concentration. If you want to go into the forest, or simply in the nature you just have to rub it in some key places, like wrist, neck, ankle, and the mosquitoes and other kind of insects will keep distance from you.

Dr. Oz, which is famous from the Oprah show, gives us another tip of using the lavender oil. If your child has flu, ear infection, earache, or cold, or is just not feeling good, the lavender oil can relax him and calm him, with its great smell.

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