Dr. Oz Show: Bed Bugs

Many people don’t react to bed bug bites at all. Often, bed bugs are found in motels and used furniture. A single bedbug can multiply to 500 in the timespan of a year. Here are the top places where you should look for bed bugs.


Source: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8516/8504590830_c7b1525581_o.jpg

Start looking under the box springs and any furniture close to the bed. Especially pay attention to dark places where they could potentially hide. Behind headboards and picture farmes is also a very common place for bed bugs.

After visiting a motel, you should always dry your clothes at 120 degrees! To prevent bugs at home, you could buy a special mattress encasement and use bug interceptors.

Worst Case: I found a bed bug!

Stay Calm And Get Help

If you find evidence of bed bugs, call a professional right away. Do not panic and toss your belongings in the street. Moving an infested mattress will just spread the infestation both to other parts of your house and to your neighbors. Bug bombs do not help, and, in some cases, make it much worse, dispersing live bugs to where they cannot be found.

Bed Bugs Documentary

This is an emmy-award winning documentary about bed bugs:


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