Dr. Oz Show Website Launch

Dr. Oz’s Show is about to air. On September 1th the Dr. Oz show will have it’s debut. Dr. Oz will be talking in the Rockefeller center about health topics of all kind.


Source: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8037/7959964578_48a320b068_o.jpg

On the official Dr. Oz Show website, you can find the ultimate health checklist, dr o’s diet plan and foods that are good for your brain.

Dr. Oz will do special show events where for example only couples or only men are allowed to attend to. Dr. Oz will also add more content to his show site as soon as the show developed a little bit. You will probably be able to find streams of the show on the Dr. Oz Show website.

Oprah about Dr. OZ’s show:
“This is a show I believe in,” Winfrey said. “Judging by the response from our viewers, Dr. Oz has already demonstrated he is a valued and trusted medical expert who has created a deep connection with our audience.”

I also believe that this is going to be a great show and I collected health tips from Dr. Oz to put them on a website.

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