Dr. Oz Still Operating + Running His Own TV-Show!

If you had your own tv-show, don’t you think you would fully concentrate on just that?
Dr. Oz is different, he continues to do operations although his own show is about to launch in just 3 days (recorded on Septemeber 1st). Do you really believe that he would have to do this after literally earning millions? Of course not, yet he still continues to do heart surgery.


Source: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7294/8742496470_76a3d6ee09_o.jpg

I think it’s part of the reason why so many people like Dr. Oz, he’s simply down to earth and is actually living what he teaches and has a passion to help other people.

Do you want to know why they record the Dr. Oz show in New York? It’s because Dr. Oz is working in New York. Three days of the week he will be recording the Dr. Oz show. I believe one at least one day they are even recording two shows. The other two days Dr. Oz is operating and doing heart surgery.

Trivia: Dr. Oz is a firm believer that walking can us healthy. Walk 10,000 steps a day and you’ll be doing fine!

Dr. Oz about givign medical advice on a tv-show:

Q. What do you think medical professionals need to be careful of when dispensing advice on TV?

A. On our show we have a whole medical unit. It’s a bunch of people, senior medical students and great senior producers from “20/20’’ and elsewhere, that have come together to create this great nuclear arsenal for us that helps keep track of all the medical information coming down the pike.

But I will tell you without question that we will say things that are controversial because my litmus test for talking about stuff is not whether it’s peer-reviewed and every doctor agrees with it, it’s whether or not I would tell my family it. If it’s advice I’d give my family, that, to me, is enough.Q. What do you think medical professionals need to be careful of when dispensing advice on TV?

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