Dr. Oz Vegan Diet

How did Dr. Oz convince the meat-fan Rocco to try a vegan diet? And why should you try out Dr. Oz’s vegan diet?
Sugar, meat and eating too much is not good for our health and a reason why we have so many health problems nowadays.

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Our eating behaviour is behind many complex diseases and disorders. Meat, cola and way too much sugar can be a cause of many diseases. Especially sugar cravings can have dramatic effects on your body.

Sugar makes us feel happy and our body craves for more and more sugar. Did you know that sugar has the same effects on our brain as heroine and morphine, they all stimulate the same receptors of our brains!

First of all, start by adding other proteins to your diet. Eat whole-grain foods, for example some whole-grain cereals.
Nuts, seeds and beans are good for your body as well. Vegan chili could be part of your diet.

If you like it, go for tofu and other products made of soy-beans.

Healthy Snacks

Nuts are the best snack that you can eat. Dr. Oz said that they are his favorite snacks, because they are good for us and low in saturated fats

You will find a list of healthy snacks at http://www.self.com

Dr. Oz also recommends to add garlic to your diet, because it’s a great anti-cancer food and lowers your cholesterol!

Dr. Oz turns meat-eater Rocco into vegan cowboy


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