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Does staying healthy take up all of our time?
People keep advising us to stay healthy. We all heard it: eat healthy, drink a lot of water, try to exercise as much as you can. So, we are supposed to stop eating fats, or sweets, or anything besides water for that matter.

The question is, how is one supposed to do this when one has a full time job, probably a stressful boss or work environment, maybe a family that needs taking care of, too. The answer is: You are not!



Keeping yourself healthy is a tricky thing. Everyone knows the theory, but very few people have the time or the energy to do it. When you get up in the morning, you barely have time to take a shower, or put on make up, or take the kids to school. The last thing on your mind is grabbing a bite before getting out of the house.

Though you might not know it, skipping breakfast will guarantee you a lousy stressful day, as your body has not received the necessary nutrients it needs to recharge and be able to act at it`s maximum capacity. A simple thing like skipping the first meal of the day will decrease your concentration level, will make you feel frustrated and will get in the way of giving 100% of your capacity at your working place.

Although you might get home completely exhausted, your job is still not done, as you are supposed to prepare a healthy meal, that will refuel your body with all the necessary nutrients, but still be low calorie and fat free if possible.

You are also supposed to exercise at least an hour or a half an hour per day, so I`m sure you might be able to do this after cooking the perfect, nutrition, fat free meal that you are suppose to eat before 6 p.m. As you might have noticed, this perfect story lacks any family members and any other household chores that you might have, as there is no time for anything or anyone else.

So what do we do when we don`t have time to stay healthy? When you have the feeling that one full day is just not enough anymore, it`s time for a complete restructuring. First thing you need to do is make a list with all your usual activities. Once you have the complete list, you should cut out all the activities that you can just give up without affecting your life.

Second thing is to do everything possible to increase your energy level. Dr. Oz suggests having healthy snacks like his amazing recipe of energy balls that will considerably increase your energy level allowing you to have a half an hour daily workout.
Third thing you should do is get your family`s support.

Ask your family to join into this healthy energy boost program as it will work a lot better if the entire family is set on living a healthier life. Having the support of your family will make you work as a team and the effects will not be late to show up.

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