Healthy Lip Gloss

The inventor of lip glosses was the firm called Max Factor, back in the 30’s. They were searching a method threw a women’s lips look great on camera. They upgraded their product till had became waterproof, and today represents a very important object in any women’s bathroom.

Before Max Factor appeared with his product, grease paint was used, applied with a stick. But they were unable to apply the paint thinly enough, and neither the color of it, making the look of the face unsuitable.

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Today, lip gloss is a substance, placed or bottled in a tube, and the apply of it results in making them shine, and offers protection. Among other makeup products women use, this is one of the most commonly used product in the market. Can make a huge difference of a women’s lip look, and there are many types used.

The lip gloss placed in a rolling tube is the most commonly used. You can find it I many different colors. Also, in the past years the lip gloss was upgraded, to keep the lip hydrated, not only for giving the lip a beautiful color and shine. These lip glosses contain usually glycerin, vitamin E, and aloe, which help the lip being moisturized.

We have other type of lip glosses too, like the shiny lip gloss, which contains in plus different types of oils. The cream lip gloss comes also in different types and colors, but these glosses are known to dry lips, so its not so recommended like the others. And there is another lip gloss, which is very resistant in time, can offer shine and beauty between 4 and 6 hours. This is the so called transfer-resistant lip gloss.

Healthy beautiful lips

So the basic reasons why women use lip gloss are many, keeping the lips moist, attractive and healthy, and offers an extra beauty look. Although the lip gloss is very useful and has many good properties, Dr. Oz is not so thrilled of the product.
The famous doctor, which is playing part in the million people watched show, Oprah, concluded that some of the ingredients used in these lip glosses are harmful to women’s health.

He made a search of how many petroleum oil licks a women off her lips, and he concluded in 7 pounds. This is a lot of petroleum, and over time can cause many different diseases, like cancer, or worse, for some people can cause death, and there are certain facts that a lot of people died because the using of these products.

Some say that the liver broke down the bad ingredients, and can be metabolized by the body. I am not quite sure about that, but I know he is right in some point of views, like the ingredients used in these products are dangerous for your health, some of them at least.

The only advice I can give in this situation for women is to be careful and do not lick your lips, probably its impossible sometimes, but lick it at least as possible, and avoid using lip glosses which have very harmful effects.

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