Kefir – Cure Constipation

A way to keep yourself healthy is to eat kefir. Kefir it’s a white, grain matrix lipids constituted product, it also contains yeast and bacteria, and it’s a definitely good ingredient for your health. It keeps the health to us on the inside and the bodies outside too.



Its origins are from the Caucasus region, where peoples in the past believed that having kefir is a sign of wealth. They protected the kefir grains which they gathered even with their own lives, because they have known the value of this product, they know how much the kefir means for their health.

You don’t need much kefir to last for a lifetime, because you doesn’t need to replenish the supplies, cause the kefir grains keep to reproduce on every year. So when you planted it, you had it for your whole life. The kefir must be fermented to reproduce naturally.

The miracle grain will make you feel as much inside, as outside in the same good way. It has natural antifungal and antibiotic properties, and you can treat with it many diseases, and beside the usual diseases, the very rare diseases too. It’s a miracle cure, which today you can find it very simple.

Another beneficial thing provided by the kefir that it has no side effects on the human body. They can destroy in short time your bodies harming elements, because of the active bacteria it has, which is a good bacteria, not a harming one, and the yeast.

It is also strengthening the peoples immune system, and it’s a natural strength source, which may boost your energy level up for a whole day. This can help you save some money, because you don’t have to spend anymore for energy supplements or energy drinks either.

The milk contained by the kefir is good for nourish your hair, strengthen up your bones or treat gum diseases. The milk also contains calcium. Prevents diseases of the bones,, for example the osteoporosis. Very good for people suffering some kind of problems with his or hers bones. Also, takes care of your skins health and beauty.

That’s the good thing what does on the outside of your body. Prevents wrinkles, acne, and also makes the skin shine and glow, abounding by health, and keeps the expression of your face and body young-looking. I think this is a quality is often searched in our days.

Works as a natural antioxidant, and these delays the process of aging, and boosts you up for the whole day. With the use of this product, you keep yourself healthy, and you don’t have to use other skin products, which in worse case can contain chemicals, and instead of healing your skin, it damages even better.

Doctor Oz is recommending the kefir for avoiding problems with constipation. He says that it takes 20 hours in normal conditions to digest the food, so you have to go in every day to bathroom, if you are a healthy person. If you have problems with this, you may go to your doctor, but you have to know that for a normal digestion you have to eat a lot of fibers yogurt, and kefir. If it is recommended even by him to solve problems, you should try it!


  1. Ingrid Robinson


    Does anybody know how long will Kefir work for someone who suffers from constipation?

    I just started drinking it last week. I have been drinking about 2 glasses a day. But haven’t seen any improvement on my colon.

    Thank you

  2. admin


    I’ve been using Kefir as well, but I found out that Aloe Vera drink gel and Oregano capsules are far more effective (for me). This might be different for you, but I would give it a shot.

    Something else you can try are acidophilus bacteria to stimulate your friendly darm bacteria

    Hope this helps

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