List of healthy foods

This is a list of healthy foods.
If you want to have a healthy lifestyle that can help you a lot in losing weight, you should eat healthy food. But what does exactly mean healthy food? I will tell you something about each aliment that you will find in the list of healthy foods. Let’s start with vegetables.




Vegetables are considered one of the most important parts of the menu that a person should eat every day. You can choose to eat vegetables soup, salads or you can simply eat the vegetable that you like most. For example onion is one of the most important flavonoids. This means that it is a vegetable that is antioxidant. Onions have the property of protecting your organism against different types of diseases. Cancer is one of these diseases and studies showed this. Artichokes contain a considerable quantity of silymarin, on of the most important antioxidants that can be found in vegetables. This vegetable also helps people to control their cholesterol and so, to avoid diseases that are caused by it. It is recommended to steam it over boiling water and after that to squeeze lemon juice on it. Ginger is another aliment that will help you to maintain your health in good conditions because will keep away migraines and arthritis pain. Ginger will also protect you against skin cancer. Nowadays, broccoli is one of the most used vegetables. It helps women to avoid breast cancer and it’s an incredible source of Vitamin C and beta carotene. This vegetable is also recommended for those people that want to lose weight in a short period of time, because it’s not having many calories. Be careful when you prepare it, because when it’s overcooked, broccoli loses its important properties. Chinese cabbage contains brassinin, an ingredient that will help you prevent breast tumors because it has a lower level of estrogen. Endometrial cancer can be prevented by eating pumpkins. Pumpkins have an important amount of Vitamin C and of beta carotene. These 2 ingredients are the perfect recipe to prevent endometrial cancer. You can eat this vegetable as a desert, with cinnamon. Just cook it in the oven for 30-40 minutes.


When it comes about fruits that can help you prevent different types of diseases, here are the most important ones. An important quantity of beta-carotene can be found in apricots. Apricots can maintain the health of your eyes and they can protect them by different affections. If you didn’t know until now, our organism turns beta carotene into vitamin A and so, we can protect ourselves against different types of cancer. You can use them to prepare different types of deserts or you can eat them while they are fresh. Avocado is another important aliment that shouldn’t miss from our weekly menu. It helps people to control their cholesterol and offers to our organism a good and considerable quantity of fibers. You will just have to take in consideration that if you want to lose weight, a slice of avocado has 81 calories, which means that it’s not so recommended in diets.
These are only some vegetables and fruits that you will find on the list of healthy foods. Eating these foods you will protect your body and your health against several types of cancer (such as skin cancer and endometrial cancer). You will also have beautiful and smooth skin and you will start to feel better day by day.

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