Mineral Makeup Benefits

Mineral makeup is main specialization for the most expensive makeup brands today. This form of makeup has decades of high quality experience behind them. Some of them date back to the late 60’s. This is when mineral makeup was manufactured for the first time.
However, this does not prove they are the best. There are many street brands that deserve your concern.



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Important ingredients: Antioxidants, Essential Vitamins

According to Dr. Oz, well known author and specialist in natural health solutions, you need to know exactly what you are looking for in order to select the right mineral makeup. Its popularity is due to its natural and enriched formulation.

Dr. Oz says that the best mineral makeup contain antioxidants, essential vitamins, other ingredients for hydrating the skin and zinc oxide to give the skin natural protection against the sun’s rays. He also recommends you to look for these exact ingredients so that your skin will be lifted and glow naturally, so pay large attention to what is written on the label.

Dr. Oz suggests to do not use talc, because it is not good for skin; it only dries it. Instead of talk, search other soft minerals that have no preservatives. A good thing you could do is to compare the minerals percentage with more brands, and choose the one with the highest figure.

Now it is the time to test it. Many people accuse high street bands that they are too cakey, this is why you should test the mineral makeup to determine its effects on your skin. Dab the brush into the powder, then tap off the excess and finally apply it in a downward direction, in small circles. Build up layer by layer until the coverage achieves the desired effect. Leave it like that and see if it persists on the skin while the time passes by.

If you don’t find any tester to check the makeup, look for a sample pot to buy one. The expensive brands always have a wide range of this kind of pots to let you find the searched shade. They are also great if you want to test the coverage to make sure you find the best mineral makeup. No matter what color they are found in, the application nature is the same for all of them.

Although mineral makeup is not on the market for a long time, they are available in many colors to choose from. Some brands provide the consumers 20 more different colors based on minerals so that you can test and review as many as you wish.

When choosing a new makeup you get a new application method to learn too. Mineral makeup is not any more different. Therefore, it may be real tough to learn to apply it, but don’t give up, as many do. More than that, according to Dr. Oz there are women with a more sensible skin to the consistency of pure powdery that mineral makeup products have. But again, don’t give up and you sill certainly succeed.

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