Natural migraine relief

Sometimes we get severe migrain headaches. There are some home remedies that can help to treat migraine naturally. A migraine pain usually appears when your nerves are blocked in some way. It also appears due to chemical imbalances within the brain. We will be adding more tips to treat migraine to this website, but for now here are some tips to heal nerve pain naturally.



1. Make sure that your diet contains enough calcium. It is essential for the nerves to work properly. An average adult needs around 1,000 mg. of calcium daily.

You might also consider getting calcium from common sources like fortified milk or soy milk. You can also get them from natural fruit juices. Try to eat leafy vegetables like beans.


2. Get sufficient amounts of magnesium. This is a very important all-natural migraine remedy; since it helps you control your blood sugar. It is also good to keep control of your blood pressure.

Magnesium also maintains the health of your nerves. If the headache you suffer from is actually a migraine, the chances are high that you need more magnesium. Eat more of veggies, nuts and seeds. Try to eat whole grains if you can.

3. Eat foods that contain vitamin B complex. Vegetables, liver or eggs are good sources of vitamin B.

4. Massage the part of the head you’re feeling the pain on. Try and use the thumb or your index finger: Press down gently and massage in a circular motion. Hold that pressure for around 5 seconds.

You could also consider drinking some ginger tea, some people say it helped them to a great extent.

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