Teeth Whitening Daily?

Are you bleaching your teeth daily?

Teeth whiteners contain peroxide. Many people are worried that peroxide that is used to bleach your teeth can stimaulate the growth of free radicals. Free radicals can destroy your healthy cells and are a leading cause of cancer.

However, studies show that the risk of getting cancer because of at-home-teeth-whitening-kits is very low. The concentration of peroxide in teeth whitening kits is very low (3%) and is not harmful to your body.


Source: http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8325/8364279228_20d73ec4e3_o.jpg

Yet, Dr. Oz warns to use teeth whiteners every day. Once your teeth are white, you should use teeth whiteners no more than every 2 weeks. Bleaching your teeth daily can make your teeth appear transparent and cause gum damage.

Good teeth whitening kits have almost no contact to your tissues and lower the risk of exposing yourself to free radicals.

Many offers like DentaWhite are supposedly a continuity offer and are NOT recommended, buy from reputable sources ONLY

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