The Dr. Oz Show Airs – 1st Week Schedule

Yesterday, “The Dr. Oz Show” premiered. From now on you can see the Dr. Oz show on weekdays at 4PM on WHBF-TV (check the official tv show website for local listings).

On his first show, Dr. Oz talked about about the importance of sex and how it keeps us healthy and young, it is the key to longevity. He also talked about sexual dysfunctions and how to overcome them. Again Dr. Oz is trying to establish a non-embarrassment zone, so that people can talk *freely* about their problems without being ashamed. Another topic of the Dr. Oz show: Unnecessary surgery and hazardous germs in purses.

Here’s the program for the days Tuesday and Wednesday..

SPECIAL SESSION:  The Breakfast of Health Champions


On Tuesday, Dr. Oz will give us some important tips how to avoid getting infected by N1N1 (swine flu). He says, about 90,000 Americans could die alone because of swine flu, therefore it is important to know how to protect yourself.

On Wednesday, Dr. Oz is going to share some anti-aging secrets with you. The fountain of youth: Dr. Oz reveals 10 great tips how to stay young. This time he is going to talk more about home remedies and things that can speed up or slow down the aging process. If he is going to discuss Resveratrol

supplements is unknown, but we will soon find it out. Dr. Marty Becker will be the special guest on the show and is going to talk about an overweight dog and his owner.

On Thursday, Dr. Oz is going to team up with Tim Gunn to talk about fashion. They will discuss a makeover for two women (mother and daughter) who have survived cancer.
Dr. Oz is also going to let you know of a few natural metabolism booster and will show you what urine can tell you about your health.

On Friday, fitness specialist Bob Harper will appear on the Dr. Oz show and together they will reveal a special event of the Dr. Oz show. Together they are going on a “health tour”. A great event that challenges 35 people of Kansas City to add 10 years to their lives in just 60 days. This sounds very exciting as we will probably learn a lot from Harper and Zed.

As you can see the show has a great program and there will be a lot of room for a lot of surprises!


  1. Mike Long

    I wanted more info on pandemic flu and find nothing on your web site,my God this is probably the worst thing that will happen in our lifetime and I think you should cover it some more Regards,Mike

  2. Valerie Mann

    Great show. Never missed Dr.Zed on Oprah and it is about time he got his show…He is the greatest to learn about ourselves and health.

  3. anne-marie


    I was looking for information on natural plant estrogens and there use in detergents. This was talked about on last week’s Dr. Oz show. He said there would be a list of products containing this ingredient on this website. I looked all over but could not find any reference to this.

    BTW, the website has too many ads, pop ups for colon cleansers (that are hard to get rid of) and no search field from within the Dr. Oz tab.


  4. Pamela

    Can’t seem to find any informaion regarding Sept.29/09 show. It was regarding the bed bugs and other intresting things. Sadly I missed some of it. Is there a video to watch or words to read plz let me know. Alsoo where u can purchase tv converter covers. Love the show!

  5. charlotte oliver

    i look forward to dr. zed show everyday. he demostrates so we can understand completly about our bodies. he is a great host and i hope the show stays on for a long time to come. even my husband has started watching it. if we can’t be at home when it is on, we make sure we tape it so we won’t miss one. it appears to be a very sincer show and very entertaining.

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