The Dr. Oz Show produced by Sony Pictures Television

We enjoyed watching Dr. Oz and Oprah for a long time – the segment “Ask Dr. Oz” was so successful that HARPO productions decided to create a show for Dr. Oz. He’s a talent, so he deserves his own show.



He will be talking about health topics that matter, his diet plans and of course there will be plenty of room for questions. Dr. Oz questions and answers is a mandatory for his own TV talk-show.

Dr. Oz has been signed to Sony Pictures Television. His show will simply be called “The Dr. Oz Show” “Dr. Oz”. The show will premiere on Monday, September 14.

“I’ve been so fortunate to have learned from Oprah Winfrey and worked with the best television team in the business over the past several years as the health expert on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show,’” he said. “To have been invited to share the stage with Oprah has been exhilarating, educational and the experience of a lifetime.”

Former “Today” show producerAmy Chiaro is going to be the co-executive producer of “Dr. Oz”. Everything will be filmed at the Rockefeller Center.


“This will be our focus for fall 2009,” SPT president Steve Mosko said. “All of the resources of Sony will be behind this. We think Dr. Oz is a phenomenal talent, and every part of our company will be involved in making sure the show is a huge hit.”

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