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Dr. Oz is the author of a book called “You: On A Diet”. You can buy it on Amazon if you don’t own a copy yourself. I believe it is one of the best books with great tips how to loose weight and a proven system that will help you to get results.

One thing I learned from Dr. Oz is that waist size is more important than your actual body weight. Always keep that in mind and measure your waist size regularly! You can train your body to want less food but the Dr. Oz diet encourages you to eat. It does not encourage you to eat randomly, it encourages you to eat regularly at specific times.. You will have three meals a day and at least 1 snack:



One of the diet goals is to eat 100 calories less than normally. You will loose a lot of pounds longterm. Longterm is a very important keyword here. Dr. Oz’s diet is supposed to be a diet that you can do for your whole life, because it should include all foods that you like. He encourages you to customize your diet plan and add vegetables and fruits that you like. You won’t stick to a diet plan if you don’t like the foods.

Calorie-restriction isn’t that difficult, you will get used to it. It has to be a slow transition and not a dramatic change over night.Avoid certain ingredients, such as sugar and hydrogenated oils. If you eat sugar make sure to eat high-fiber foods to avoid any digestive problems. Eat something every 3-4 hours, but on a schedule (not randomly, unless it’s a healthy snack).

Sleep is another very important factor. Sleep 8-9 hours at least. If you don’t sleep a lot, it can be a reason for weight gain.

Don’t try to aim for 400 calories less a day. If you do that you will be a victim of the so called yo-yo effect. Aim for 100 calories less a day!

Regularly do sports. Aerobic exercises are perfect to get in good shape and will help you to prevent cardio-vascular exercises.

  • Mesure your waist size.
  • Eat on a schedule.
  • First goal: Eat 100 calories less.
  • Customize your diet plan.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Walk 30 minutes a day
  • Do a 7-min workout



    What is your opinion of Colon Cleanse 3000? Is is safe? Where can one purchase?

  2. Donna Brooks

    I am very much in need of a YOU:On A Diet forum or message board that is ONLY for YOAD!! There are some out there, but they are cluttered with other diet plans too and it’s hard to find good YOAD information. The Real Age website used to be excellent, but it’s not good for YOAD anymore. Their monitors who used to be wonderful in monitoring the boards and giving healthy YOAD information, are hardly ever seen there anymore and no one else has taken their place. That’s why there are so many people there now who are not following YOAD and giving out unhealthy information. Please help us Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen!!

  3. Araion

    I would like to know more about acai x3 and a colon cleanser where can I go to get this and how much does it cost?

  4. Darlene Hall

    Please be careful when looking for acai berry and colon cleansers as I just got ripped off. I responded to an ad on the Dr. Oz site and was going to try a sample. What really happened is I ended up joining a trial membership which instead of costing only shipping, costed me $199.99.

  5. admin

    You need to be extra careful these days. We’ll have a form where you can report rip offs and scams on this site soon.

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