8 Health Benefits of Garlic

As far back as 5 BC, garlic was praised by Greek physician Hippocrates as a cure-all herb. Putting aside its potent aroma and potential to cause temporary bad breath, garlic is a life-saving herb that more people should take advantage of.



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Prevent infections and other ailments with one or two pills or a clove of garlic a day. Read on to learn what else makes garlic so special.

Did You Know…? 

Guards Against Infections – Garlic has incredible antibiotic qualities; it stops stubborn bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. You can use garlic as a preventative measure against all types of infections.

Healthy Skin – Also, because of its antibiotic, blood cleansing, and blood vessel relaxing abilities, garlic may help reduce acne breakouts and give the skin a healthy glow.

Promotes Heart Health – Garlic is a blood thinner and LDL (bad) cholesterol and blood pressure reducer, which helps to clear clogged arteries and enables the free flow of blood throughout the body. This helps to ward off heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes.

Strengthens Immune System – Garlic strengthens the immune system by powering up the helper T-cells. Building T-cells is very beneficial to HIV and AIDS patients, since the deterioration of T-cells is responsible for triggering a lot of the symptoms and other illnesses that result from contracting HIV and AIDS. Garlic is reportedly high in vitamin C as well, which also adds a boost to the immune system.

Fights Cold & Flu – Garlic has the ability to lessen coughs and clear up congestion and hoarseness associated with upper respiratory conditions like the common cold and the flu.

Blood Sugar Regulator – Garlic has been known to help regulate blood sugar levels, which is especially of benefit to diabetics.

Anti-Inflammatory – Garlic has been known to relieve gout and arthritis, because of its anti-inflammatory abilities. Wherever inflammation is an issue, garlic is useful.

Fights Cancer – Garlic lessens your chances of getting certain cancers, particularly stomach, kidney and colon cancers.

Eliminates Toxic Metals – Garlic has been known to remove toxic metals from the body, such as mercury and lead.

Bad Breath Remedy

Though garlic has been known to cause bad breath, apparently swallowing pills or pieces of cloves whole lessens that effect since the garlic isn’t chewed, but goes straight down through the digestive system. There are even so-called odor-free garlic pills that can be taken, so that the health benefits are still gained minus the bad breath.

A Note On Cooking With Garlic

The full power of garlic is best acquired in its raw form. Since people tend to have a hard time swallowing garlic whole or eating it raw, it is recommended that you allow it to sit for about 15 minutes after chopping or crushing and then make it one of the last ingredients you add to your cooking. That way more of the nutrients will remain and the quality won’t be lost.

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