Breakfast Foods to Avoid and their Alternatives

Breakfast is very possibly the most important meal of the day, and skipping it can have some very serious consequences to your overall health and metabolic rate.



This does not, however, mean that you should be eating whatever is in sight or reach. Breakfast generally sets the tone for the rest of the day. What you eat has drastic consequences for how you feel, act, and eat in the future. There are plenty of healthy and nutritious options that will energize you without adding inches to your waistline, and there are also plenty of foods that can be harmful down the road. The foods you should avoid are listed below, along with healthy alternatives.

Calorie Laden Coffee

Every morning, millions of Americans roll out of bed and go straight not to their refrigerator but, rather, their coffee cabinet. While coffee can be an extremely potent way to wake up and jumpstart your morning, it can also be a veritable calorie bomb. Adding creamer, sugar, and other ingredients can skyrocket the calorie content to the hundreds. Coffee-shop items (especially those with words such as “dulce” in them) can have even more.

Instead, drink your coffee black. It will have fewer than twenty calories. If necessary, add a sugar substitute or non-dairy creamer.

Fast Food Breakfasts

Often times, we are required to skip breakfast because there is simply no time. By the time you get out of bed, get showered, and prepare for your morning duties, you don’t have a minute to spare. Fast food restaurants picked up on this long ago by offering a separate breakfast menu catered for those on the go.

While this may be a convenient alternative to preparing your own breakfast, it is often significantly worse for your health. Fast food breakfast items can contain thousands of calories and be packed with trans-fats and saturated fat. The sodium content can often be astronomical too.

Instead, try preparing your breakfast the night before (you can even make it for the whole week in one day) or grab a quick snack like a yogurt or fruit cup. You’ll save yourself hundreds of calories and ensure that you get your necessary vitamins and minerals.

White Flour Products

Whether it is simple bagels, white flour bread, or even cereal loaded with simple carbohydrates, these breakfast items can be deceivingly unhealthy. While one look at the nutritional information may show very little fat and even some protein content, it is the carbohydrate count that should grab your attention.

Loading up with simple carbohydrates in the morning can give you some quick energy, but it will cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash just hours later. This leads to an early afternoon slump where you will feel suddenly lethargic and hungry.

Instead, eat whole-grain products. Not only will the fiber content help keep you full and regulate your digestion system, but the increased levels of protein will help you keep the pounds off. Even most fast food restaurants now offer whole grain alternatives to their conventional menu items.

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