Coffee has Health Benefits?

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you did read that right – coffee does apparently have health benefits. Of course, we all know how much we depend on our morning caffeine fix on the way to work, or sat at our desks as we turn our computers on. Could it be that coffee could do more for your health than just perking you up when you are flagging? We decided that it was definitely time to take a closer look and see if our daily mocha-bocha-cappu-frappu-cino really was all it’s cracked up to be.

According to statistics a reported 100 million Americans enjoy a daily cup of java. This is said to be a good thing especially when it comes to getting older. Scientific studies have shown that people who drink around 3 to 5 cups of the good brown stuff daily had a 65 percent reduced risk of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later on in their lifetime. The study also suggested that in, in order to make drinking three or more cups of coffee per day easier, you should try to incorporate the drink in with your daily eating – three meals = three cups, five meals = five cups.


In another completely unrelated and totally bizarre study, those that drank coffee on daily basis actually had a six percent reduced risk of dying. Just thought that might be something you would like to know.

If you are starting to get concerned about your cardiovascular health; the state of your heart, then coffee is definitely the way forward. Again, studies have shown very positive links between improved heart health and regular coffee drinking. This time, the study had been performed by Japanese scientists and it showed that cardiovascular diseases and problems could be reduced by almost forty percent in some cases, just by having two or more cups of coffee daily.

Studies have recently shown that over eleven percent of men in their twenties in the United States of America have diabetes. That number is simply shocking when you think about it, isn’t it? Well, according to more investigation, it could be that coffee could be the way to avoid this life-changing condition. People that consider themselves to be long term coffee drinkers can reduce their chances of suffering with diabetes, especially if the amount of sugar is decreased at the same time. It’s all very good and well trying to be healthy and boosting your coffee intake, but you shouldn’t be increasing the amount of sugar that you consume daily at the same time – that’s not good for you!
Other studies have shown some pretty amazing properties in the average cup of coffee too – one study in particular showed that when people drank coffee on a daily basis, they could handle more pain throughout the day than those that didn’t. This might be a useful tip if you are a particularly clumsy person!

Of course, you can’t talk about coffee without talking about weight loss – that’s what everyone wants to know about right? Well coffee can help you to lose weight but only if you drink the right stuff. This time you don’t want to be adding for the average cup of coffee that Starbucks has to offer you, but rather green coffee extract. Head on over to your local health food store and get asking for this if you want to lose a few pounds. In a study of 16 grownups over a 22 week period, almost 40 percent went from “overweight” to “normal” on the weight scale. Most of them underwent significant weight loss when taking the supplement when compared to not taking the supplement, and scientists were very confident about what the results showed.

Green Coffee

In short it would be safe to say that there is nothing wrong AT ALL with having a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Just make sure that you aren’t going over five cups per day and you might find the health benefits are particularly impressive. You may want to consider the effects that the extra caffeine might have on you when it comes to sleeping and you should avoid drinking the drink too late.

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