Diet Soda Weight Gain Study

Marketing is a powerful tool. How many times have you let yourselves be convinced that a product of any kind is good for you and after you bought it you realized it wasn`t? I`m sure this has happened many times to most of you.
You actually don`t even need to feel foolish about it, as marketing strategies are put together after serious people`s psychology analysis.



So right from the beginning they are presented in such a way that will surely make you want that product despite what it might do to your health.The problem with fake marketing is that it might make you buy a product that just won`t do the miracle things it had promised.

Unfortunately though, the consequences of good marketing strategies don`t stop here, as they will often determine you to buy a product that can actually harm you. This is where a small drip of morality would be absolutely necessary. Big money are not made due to morality though, big money are made by selling dreams. Every time an advertisement tells you what you want to hear, you just choose to innocently believe them.

Now, why do all of you thing we allow this to happen? I mean most people are smart enough to see right through a fake commercial. Than why don`t they just stop?

As I was thinking about this, I suddenly realized what the answer to this question is. When you suddenly start having responsibilities and life starts to get a little hard, people just want to lie back sometimes and even if just for one small moment, believe that life can be as easy as giving you the opportunity to solve a problem in no time just by buying one small problem.
I realize that we actually choose to be naïve, because we are tired of always working hard for small results.

This all sounds pretty logical, but than another question comes up. How long are we planning to continue doing this, and let others get wealthy by taking us as fools? Everyone works hard for their money so why should they just give it away to people who don`t have the slightest respect for them?

Just as an example, let`s talk about Diet Soda. Diet Soda is one of those fake dreams we choose to listen to. What does diet soda have to offer that regular soda doesn`t? Well, it is supposed to have the minimum amount of calories, but still have the same taste.

So if you want to loose weight you don`t need to quit your sodas, you just need to go for the diet one. It all sound pretty good, so than what is the factor that makes this a fake dream? Well, it seems nobody stops to inform the public that artificial sweeteners can guarantee an eve more weight gain that traditional sugar does. Surprised? Don`t be.

People have to work together and stop being played as fools. Don`t jump into getting a product, just because it`s manufacturer says it`s good. Do your homework about any product as it will guarantee you better long term results.

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