Diet Trends Reviewed

Every year, a new diet comes out that gains immediate praise and then (a year later) acute criticism. If you are looking for a diet to follow, you have practically hundreds of options these days.




Navigating all of them to find the one perfect for you is harder than following the diet itself. If you pick the wrong one, chances are it can actually hinder or harm your progress rather than aid you in losing weight. Some of the most popular diet trends around are reviewed below. Use the information to pick one that is ideal for your circumstances.


The Nutrisystem diet simplifies the hardest part of dieting which is deciding what you are going to eat for every meal, every day. It actually ships food to your house and tells you what to eat and when to eat it. Unfortunately, however, the products are (by definition) full of preservatives and rarely fresh.

It is perfect if you want a diet that doesn’t add too much stress, but it will not give you the same results as a diet that you plan yourself. The food it provides is actually quite tasty most of the time, but it may be more effective at short term weight loss than long term.

Vegetarian Diet

If you can avoid eating meat entirely, then the Vegetarian diet may work for you. It eliminates meat products entirely, and instead espouses foods such as “buckwheat pancakes”. You may lose weight initially, but the long term results are often unclear. You will also often have trouble getting your necessary protein intake, so be sure to supplement with a protein powder or something similar.

Weight Watchers

Think of this as Nutrisystem but with more freedom. You’re awarded a certain amount of points each day, and every food or drink (in the world) has a certain point value. If you coordinate it well, you will be full and healthy without consuming too many calories in the mean time.

The instructions may occasionally be vague, however, and even certain condiments can throw off point counts significantly. It is, overall, a good system nonetheless if you would like some level of oversight and instruction throughout your diet.

Mayo Clinic Diet

This diet was developed by a group of nutritional experts from the Mayo Clinic. Its claim to fame (other than the aforementioned) is that it has reconstructed the food pyramid, promoting low energy-density foods at the bottom that you can eat plenty of without ingesting too many calories. It isn’t as strict as other diets, and can be tailored to fit your needs.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet has been met with much fanfare as of late, and for good reason. It encourages the consumption of whole grains, salads, and polyunsaturated fats (that are so often missing from the Western diet).

Even a glass or two of wine a day is encouraged, as it helps regulate blood pressure, and red wine actually possesses various beneficial properties. Fish, vegetables, pita bread, and olive oil are staples of this program, so it actually hardly feels like a diet sometimes.

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