Does Dr. Oz recommend Diet Pills?

When it comes to loosing weight, a very often chosen option is diet pills. Although a lot of people are completely against it, there is a great number of people that try a numerous types of diet pills in hope that they will reach the weight they had so long dreamt about.
Before judging anyone, though, I believe it would be only fair to take some aspects into consideration. Why do people, especially women, prefer this option?




There are a lot of reasons that determine a person to try absolutely anything in order to loose their overweight. This usually happens when a person reaches a point of desperation, when their weight becomes too much to bare on a psychological level.

When people have a certain balance in their state of mind, in the way they feel about themselves, they usually try the basic methods to loose a few ponds, like cutting back on fats and sweets, drink water and maybe do some exercises.

When it comes to choosing drastic measures, though, the problems is way deeper than a few extra pounds here and there. Of course some people will choose diet pills because they are too lazy to do something about their weight, but most people who do it, are the ones who are psychologically tired, people who have self esteem problems because of their overweight. Some of these people have tried every method possible to loose weight with zero result.

Others might have gone through different life style changes like having a baby, getting a new job, moving to a different town or country and their body reacted to change by putting on everything they ate. Media does not help either, most people, especially women feeling completely suffocated by skinny models on every magazine page, every movie or commercial, exposing their perfect body like they are constantly trying to mock normal people about the way they look.

Do diet pills really work?

The most common problem with diet pills is that they don`t usually work. Even if they do work, diet pills do nothing to change your bad eating habits, thus can not prevent you from putting back on all your lost weight once you stop the treatment. In case you do succeed in loosing weight thanks to diet pills, your body will still lack skin fermity and the result will be far from you have originally expected.

Another problem is that not only do you not get any balance during this diet, but you expose yourself to a very high risk of completely loosing your balance, as diet pills usually affect your nervous system. They can also have very damaging effects on your liver, heart, brain and blood pressure.

Dr. Oz also expressed his opinion about diet pills by considering them harmful to he human body, and encouraging everyone to try the healthy way to loose weight. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exercise as much as you can and stop putting chemicals into your body. Choose the long way run!

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  1. Dana Moss

    my name is Dana Moss, i have recently lost 104 pounds with the use of the diet pill adipex and counting my calories. i only consume 1,000 calories per day. i have chronic pain issues so unable to excercise. i would love opportunity to come on ur show to show women they can lose weight without goin under the knife. once u make your mind up, u can do anything. i started at 305.4 pounds last april, i am now 201.2. i was a size 26/28 now i am size 14/16. if i can do it anybody can. i enjoy ur show and keep up the good work ur doin to make us all aware of the healthiest ways of life. God has been my strength thru it all. i now hav excess skin i would love to do away with. please help!!!! Sincerely, Dana Moss Statesboro Ga. If interested in my story feel free to contact me via mail @ 375 pretoria lane Statesboro Ga. 30461. look forward to hearing from u. God Bless.

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