Energy Diet

If you want to follow the steps of a diet but you want one that offers you the energy that you need to make your daily activities and you don’t want one that makes you feel weak and without energy, you should choose Dr. Oz’s energy diet.

This diet is another version of the first diet recommended by Dr. Oz and it was presented in many TV shows, including Oprah. The purpose of this diet is to help people in their weight-loss process, to make them feel good and full of energy.

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Get rid off bad eating habits

The first thing that you have to do is to completely change your lifestyle. You will have to renounce at bad eating habits and you will have to replace them will healthy foods. This diet is based on vegetables, fruits and other healthy foods and of course, on physical activity. In the physical activity’s domain are included cardio exercises, toning and stretching exercises.

Now I will tell you what you are not able to eat while you will follow the steps of this diet. The first ingredient that you will have to avoid is sugar either it’s white or brown. If you can’t renounce at this ingredient you can choose foods that don’t put in danger your sugar blood levels, which means that you can eat jam with bread made of whole grain. You should know that when it’s mixed with complex proteins and carbs, sugar absorption becomes regulated.

Avoid white flour

Other ingredient that you should try to avoid is white flour. This type of flour is the principal ingredient of many foods such as cookies or bread. An interesting thing is that this flour doesn’t have nutritional values. You can replace it with products made of whole grain because they are also having more fibers.

Avoid Sodas, fast-food, “bad” fats

You should definitely avoid fast-foods, chocolate, sodas and other bad fats. They can do harm to your blood pressure and I’m sure that besides the fact that you want to lose considerable pounds, you also want to maintain your heart in good and safe conditions.
Now that you know what ingredients to avoid, you should know what foods and ingredients are allowed in Dr. Oz’s energy diet. Let’s start with oils and healthy fats.

You can use olive oil, sesame seed oil, because they are made of healthy fats. You can also eat hazelnuts and walnuts but you will have to eat them raw. If you didn’t know until now, roasting process damages the nutritional values of these foods. You can eat pomegranates, fruits that will protect your organism against different forms of cancer and that will help you fight against aging.

You can also eat lots and lots of spinach, because it contains a very important antioxidant that will make stronger your immune system and if you have a strong immune system, you will keep away different diseases. Dr. Oz recommends his fans to use 10 tablespoons of tomato sauce per week. The cooked one is more benefic for our bodies. Don’t forget to add garlic in the meals that you prepare, because it reduces the risk of cancer and hear disease.

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