Dr. Oz: Gazpacho Soup Diet

Have you ever tried drinking a glass of water before having a meal? Although it might sound stupid as we usually tend to do drink water after a meal, it can have unbelievably slimming effects.

The reason is quite basic actually; as the water does nothing else than filling up your stomach right before you start eating. This will definitely decrease you food quantity and, as a result, the number of your calories.



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The solution is quite simple if you want to loose some weight because it allows you to continue eating whatever you want because anyway you will do it in lesser quantities. Unfortunately if you care about your health you will also have to pay attention to this solution`s downside.

The big glass of water you will have before every meal will not only reduce your food quantity and calorie number, but it will also reduce the vitamin and minerals dosage our body needs to function properly.

This is where Dr. Oz stepped in and started this whole idea about replacing the glass of water with soup. I mean what is better than a bowl of good old fashion soup? I remember how my parents would always force me to have soup as a main dish at the beginning of every meal when I was a child.
I used to hate it because I was crazy about rice, mashed potatoes and chicken legs, but I never considered having soup to be a healthy solution to a good equilibrate diet.

Only later, after I became an adult, did I realized that after I have stopped that process I started having stomach problems, digestion problems, and it was definitely a lot harder trying to keep a certain balance in my weight.Based on this concept, Dr. Oz came with an even better idea.

He found a way to change the traditional soup with an all raw vegetable soup. Though it might sound weird at first, you might want to take a look at it`s ingredients before deciding pro or against.
The soup has a very high quantity of tomatoes, tomatoes and peppers being the basic elements of this Gazpacho Soup. This soup is not only refreshing, as it is served cold; it is also a blast of vitamins that will energize your body and helping you to cleanse it at the same time.

Gazpacho Soup Variations

There are a lot of Gazpacho Soup recipes, although most of them are very similar. However, there is a considerable difference between two of these recipes as we can find Red Gazpacho Soup and Green Gazpacho Soup. Though they both function on the same idea, there is a slight difference in their main ingredients.
The red one, as you might have guessed has a lot of tomatoes as a basic ingredient, while the green one is more abundant in peppers and cucumbers.

I don`t think there is any other need to explain the benefic effects that this soup will have on your body as it brings a great number of vegetables together and you can benefit from all of them a the same time, all in one simple dish.

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  1. Miriam Echeverrri

    Im 12 years old, my mom is so worry because i am overwaight and she is trying to make me drink water before meals and i think is stupid ,she even trying to give me hhodie pills . she is very desperate and i dont think i help to much. can u hel me?

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