Expert Tips to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Though the average person knows that exercising regularly and eating right are required in order to lose weight and keep it off, putting them into practice and sticking with it is often easier said than done.



When temptation and cravings creep up on you, suddenly your fitness and weight loss plans become moot. Below are tips from fitness professionals on how to get through the day with your plans still intact.

Learn From Those With Firsthand Experience

Though everyone’s body is different, you can learn a lot by following the example of those who have fought to lose weight and won. Here are weight loss tips from the perspective of a male and female doctor who have managed to lose and maintain their weight for many years.

Dr. Mary Dan Eades, MD

Dr. Mary Dan Eades is an internist specializing in weight loss and metabolic medicine, who has maintained a weight under 140 pounds with less than 24 percent body fat by adhering to her own set of guidelines that work for her.

She eats moderate amounts of fat and protein and is choosy when it comes to carbohydrates. She gets her daily protein (about 10-12 ounces) from foods like lean meats, low-fat dairy, poultry, fish and tofu, being careful to maintain a balance between the amount of protein versus the fats and other foods she consumes.

Dr. Eades is very restrictive with carbs, consuming a maximum of 80 grams per day and avoiding the starchy kinds whenever possible. She prefers to use fruits, vegetables and complex carbs like yams and potatoes as her primary carb sources since they have less of an effect on blood sugar levels and also supply a hefty amount of vitamins, nutrients and fiber.

In addition to these healthy foods, Dr. Eades recommends a once-a-day multivitamin to be sure to get complete nutrition for the day. Also, exercise is the norm for Dr. Eades. She practices kung fu one hour a day, four times a week, and jogs or does strength training if she misses a kung fu class.

Dr. Stephen Gullo, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Gullo, president of the NY-based Institute for Health and Weight Science, has a few tips of his own. Obesity runs in his family, and he’s particularly prone to gaining weight in his abdomen.

His biggest battle is with pizza cravings, which he tries to counter by allowing himself a little every now and then so the cravings don’t get the best of him later, but avoiding pizza restaurants whenever he can. If he finds himself craving pizza anyway, he’ll get busy and change his focus on something more productive.

To further keep his eating habits under control, Dr. Gullo never shops for food late in the evening or after work since these are the hours when food impulses really kick in for most people. When buying food, he also finds it helpful to gauge whether the food he wants to buy is one that he has a history of abusing or not.

If so, it’s best to leave it on the shelf. Dr. Gullo aims to never show up at restaurants hungry due to his tendency to overeat. Instead, he eats light foods just prior to dining out, like nonfat yogurt, soup, fruit, sugar-free Jell-O or tomato juice (which is an appetite suppressant).

Dr. Gullo’s exercise regimen includes strength training for 45 minutes, two or three times a week. He swears by supplemental vitamins and antioxidants for total nutrition as well, including vitamins C, E and folate (B9), selenium and even a baby aspirin to improve blood circulation.

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