1, 2, 3, Zumba!

A lot of people underestimate or misjudge Zumba. Little do they know, Zumba is a life-changing workout that is fun, rewarding and adaptable to anyone.


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If you are looking for a fun workout that you can stick with and enjoy, why not give Zumba a try?

Move Those Hips

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say that they would just go to the club if they wanted to gyrate all over the place or they can dance in their own houses. Truth is, yes, there is much gyration in Zumba, because the rotation of the hips causes calories to burn very fast.

Zumba looks very easy, but it is very strenuous because it is a very vigorous workout that can work your entire body, depending on what routine is done or song is played. The thing that I like about Zumba is that Zumba is not just exercise. Neither is it just dance, but it’s fun and it’s exciting, and anyone can do it – including someone with two left feet. Now, the best part is the fact that it doesn’t matter if you can keep up in Zumba or if you get all the steps down, but as my trainer says, it’s about continuing to move.

I won’t assume that most people know that any movement, including just breathing burns calories. However, this is a true statement. So if calories are burned just by sitting up breathing, imagine if you were dancing to fast-paced music. Looking at Zumba that way may give some a better outlook.

In Zumba there is a lot of Latin dance incorporated with African and hip hop dance. The movements range from doing the chimney to the cha-cha to hip circulations to line dance. The songs are constantly changing, so you don’t ever have to get tired of the same songs playing over and over. A typical Zumba workout lasts for one hour per day. If you’re feeling overly zealous, perhaps you can do the work twice a day. Some trainers recommend a speedometer to be worn, so that clients can keep track of how many calories they have burned.

Zumba is very versatile in its crowd as well. It’s for all ages. As a matter of fact, you’ll find that the older people sometimes can out-dance the younger people. It’s not prejudiced to either sex. Men and women alike can do this exercise.

Zumba will not work if eating habits don’t follow the regimen of the workout. In other words, it’s like math. One minus one equals zero. Therefore, with Zumba or any other exercise, if you burn one calorie, but you go and eat one calorie, then you have canceled out the hard work. So you should be eating foods low or lower in calories, salt, sugar or anything that is really not conducive to the healthy lifestyle. If this isn’t already your dietary routine, change it and dance your way with Zumba into a healthier you. You won’t regret it.

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