3 Great Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Flabby arms, beware! Putting these exercises to use, those problem areas won’t stand a chance.


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To get rid of the flab that is especially troublesome as we age, you’ve got to target the biceps and triceps, using weight-bearing exercises whenever possible. Read on for 3 great exercises you may be familiar with that really do the trick.

A Note About Strength Training For Arms 

Because you will be working the arm muscles quite a bit and moving from one muscle group to the next, you must allow time for the muscles to rest in between workouts – about 48 hours. This will reduce the likelihood of injury and give muscles the chance to burn more fat. As your strength increases, try advanced versions of these exercises and ensure that each workout session works the entire arm so that one muscle isn’t overworked and you will get definition all the way around.

Exercise #1: Push-Ups 

Push-ups may be a hard exercise, especially for women, but it is a tried and true way to tone your biceps and triceps, strengthen your back and build general upper body strength. The stronger your upper body, the more weight you can carry, which moms with little ones in particular can benefit a lot from.

Lying face down on the floor, with hands on either side of the chest, elbows close to the body and forming a right angle; push up using your upper body and core strength rising on the balls of your feet until your arms are completely straight.

Your back, buttocks and head should make a straight line; head should remain down with chin aimed at the floor; and abs should be tensed as you rise. Lower yourself back down to starting position and repeat for 12-15 repetitions, however many you can do comfortably.

Advanced Technique: At the top of the push-up, clap your hands before lowering yourself again.

Exercise #2: Chin-Ups 

This exercise is no easy feat and it requires a lot of upper body strength. So if you have a hard time doing push-ups, this exercise may seem near impossible. All that aside, chin-ups are one of the fastest ways to sculpt your arms, shoulders and back. You will need a pull bar that can easily support your weight, something like the monkey bars you see in the park.

So you’ll want to start by hanging from the bar with your hands gripping the bar in an underhanded position, palms facing you, and your feet suspended off the floor. Slowly pull your entire body up until your chin is above the bar, and then lower yourself slowly the same way. Repeat for 10-12 repetitions and 2-3 sets.

Advanced Technique: Hold for 10 or more seconds at the top of bar before lowering.

Exercise #3: Triceps Dip

This is another weight-bearing exercise that defines the triceps, that area where flab is particularly hard to get rid of. In a seated position, grasping the chair on either side, slowly slide your bottom out of the chair until your arms are bent at a right angle behind you. Bend your knees at a right angle and lower your body as close to the floor as you can go. Then push up using your core and arm strength. Repeat for 12-15 repetitions and 2-3 sets.

Advanced Technique: Keep your legs straight out in front of you.

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