Does Exercising With Sweat Suits Burn More Calories?

Many people believe that working up a sweat by wearing sweat suits will burn more calories and accelerate their weight loss. Are they right in that assumption?



You may have heard that you’re not really burning calories until you actually start to perspire; and the more intense the workout, the more effective it is at shedding pounds. This article will explore both of these theories and expose them as truth or myth.

At What Point Are Calories Burned?

Calories are burned with the slightest movement we make. Anytime muscles are utilized, calories are burned; and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn as well – even when resting. High-intensity exercise for a short duration can burn the same amount of calories as a low-intensity workout over a longer time frame.

It’s a matter of whether or not you want to work longer or harder. If you want to exercise for a shorter time, work out harder. If you want exercise to be easier, work out longer. Of course, we would like to burn fat calories as opposed to just carbohydrate calories when we exercise, but as long as you are burning calories of any sort, you will lose weight.

Can Sweat Suits Help You Burn Calories?

So how do sweat suits come into play? Sweat suits, especially the plastic and rubber kind, are designed to make you sweat during everyday activities, but especially during exercise. Many people believe that sweating profusely is a sign that you are burning calories, but that just isn’t true.

Some people burn calories without sweating at all. Others sweat a lot just because they’re in a humid environment. There are many reasons why a person will sweat, but burning calories isn’t always involved.

Plastic sweat suits can be potentially dangerous, due to the fact that they can quickly dehydrate you, quickly overheat you, and possibly leak harmful toxins into the pores of your skin. Aside from that, sweat suits just aren’t as effective at burning calories as many believe. Perspiration is merely the body’s way of cooling off and keeping its temperature regulated so you won’t overheat.

When you sweat, you’re just shedding water, which is why you need to refuel with water as much as you can during workouts – and even more so when you are wearing a sweat suit. Refueling with water will cause you to regain so-called weight lost, because all you lost in the first place was water.

So here’s the bottom line, when you work out – whether wearing a sweat suit or a regular t-shirt and shorts – it’s the effort you’re putting forth that primarily determines the amount of calories you burn. You don’t burn more calories based on the type of clothing you wear – that is, unless you’re wearing heavy clothing that causes you to exert more energy with every move you make.

To be on the safe side, clothing should be lightweight and airy, so that your body’s natural process of perspiration can kick in and you can work out longer without getting overheated, overexerted or dehydrated. So sweat all you want; calories will be the same.

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