Easy Ways to Burn Belly Fat

The six pack has quickly replaced strong chest muscles or big biceps as the benchmark of fitness success. It seems every week now, a new “foolproof system” for achieving it in “X” simple steps emerges.



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Almost invariably, these systems, devices, or supplements are pure marketing with little substance to actually back them up. While this is often times horribly discouraging for the individuals who attempt these products, it does not change the underlying science of nutrition and fitness.

It is this exact science (that has not changed, nor shows any signs of changing) which enables us to burn belly fat consistently and through a few fairly easy adjustments to our diet and exercise regimens. Listed below are a few easy ways to burn belly fat.


Contrary to what many individuals believe, you cannot burn fat in a specific part of your body. Rather, fat is burnt uniformly throughout. You will lose around the same amount in your stomach as you will in your arms and legs. This is why you cannot simply perform a thousand crunches a day until you suddenly have a six pack. While this does mean that you must perform cardiovascular exercise, it also saves you perhaps millions of crunches and sit ups.

Run, hit the elliptical, or even do extensive amounts of jumping jacks about three to five times a week. This part is negotiable, as diet is the larger part of the equation. Nonetheless, exercise will make the dieting process exponentially easier, and it will allow you to cheat every once in a while.

Proper Diet

Don’t cut your caloric intake drastically. It will cause your metabolism to take a nosedive and render your diet futile. You will have to alter what you eat on a daily basis if you wish to have a six pack (unless you are a freak of nature with an irregularly efficient metabolism).

Abs are made in the kitchen, so make no mistake about it. Cut refined sugar intake altogether. Sodas, pastries, ice cream, and even some breads are out. This may be a drastic change for you at first, but after the first month, you won’t even be able to stomach a sugar laden soda.

Eat lots of lean protein. Turkey, chicken, certain cuts of beef (bonus points here if it’s grass fed), and fish are all excellent choices. Take a multivitamin or Omega-3 supplement. You will be amazed at how much more efficiently your body operates when it has the nutrients and vitamins that it requires.

Finally, do not panic if you do not see immediate results. For a six pack to be visible, you have to cut your body fat percentage to under ten percent. This can be a gradual process for most people. Doing anything drastic will eventually backfire.

Stressing over not seeing results in the first two weeks will only cause weight gaining hormones to surface. If you stick with it, you will be amazed at the results that you see after just three months. The path towards a six pack is a marathon and not a sprint (though both activities will help you get there sooner).

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