Easy Ways to Burn Two Hundred Calories

Exercising is one of the most rewarding things you could possibly do with your time. Imagine an activity that will reward you with health, attractiveness, confidence, and happiness. What’s not to like about this?



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The problem is that often times, it can be boring or outright painful. Some days, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour on the treadmill. Your favorite TV show is on, or you have friends over, or you simply feel lazy.

This is why some of the most fit people in the world don’t actively exercise; rather, they find hobbies or recreational activities that happen to burn hundreds of calories in the process (and we’re not talking about the guy who runs marathons for fun). Some of the simplest ways to burn two hundred calories while having a blast are listed below.

Play Golf

The number one pastime of CEO’s and Scotsmen is also a great way to shed some pounds. Golf is usually considered one of the most relaxing sports you can participate in (unless your swing is off and you’re particularly competitive), but it is an extremely sneaky way to exercise. The club swinging isn’t particularly exhausting, but by the time you’re finished walking between even 9 holes in the heat, you’ll have burned at least two hundred calories.

Go Bowling

Just like Golf, this one seems like a fun night out that won’t make you terribly tired. Yet after bowling just one round, you’ll have spared yourself two hundred calories. Avoid the beer and concession foods, however, as they can quickly nullify your losses.

Run Errands on Your Bike

Have to go somewhere that’s just a few miles away? Bike there and back and you can shed hundreds of calories. In fact, perform this routine on a daily basis and chances are you’ll enjoy a weekly caloric deficit in the thousands. Not only do you get to (metaphorically) stop and smell the roses, but you’ll also manage to exercise throughout the normal course of your day.

Take up Yoga

Yoga, which is known for its ability to help you stretch and meditate, is also an extremely effective way to burn calories. The Vinyasa variant in particular will actually make you burn approximately two hundred calories every half hour. Bikram is another fantastic version, as your body actually burns calories by regulating your temperature.

Get a Dog

As it turns out, dog owners actually burn hundreds more calories than their pooch-less counterparts. Between playing with your dog every day, taking them for a walk, and the arduous and stressful process of bathing them, you’ll burn an average of two hundred additional calories every day. Dogs also make excellent running partners.

Take the Stairs

Here is an idea…boycott elevators. Not to go green (although it can’t hurt), but rather to help trim your waistline. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day can easily cost you two hundred calories while giving you one of nature’s best possible calf workouts at the same time. After just a few weeks, you won’t even have the patience for an elevator anymore.

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