Exercises You Can Perform at Home

If you want to lose weight or improve your physical health, you may have some doubts as to your ability to do so with a semi-limited schedule. Luckily, working out does not necessarily mean spending three hours at the gym.

In fact, before “fitness clubs” were invented, people got their exercise through their daily routine or in the comfort of their home. Not long ago, exercise was more a necessary component of survival than a luxury for those with extra time. What this does prove, however, is that you can easily stay in shape without giant machines or bulky weights.



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If you have a set of arms, legs, and a torso, you can easily perform these exercises in your very own living room.

Resistance Exercises

If you are seeking to put on muscle or tone your body, there are a tremendous amount of simple and compound exercises that use your own body weight as the resistance. Of these, perhaps the most ubiquitous and simple is the push-up. Through a variety of arm configurations and angles, this exercise can work practically any part of your upper body; chest, biceps, back, triceps, and even forearms.

In fact, a simple set of pushups works multiple areas of your body at once. This is because it is known as a compound exercise. If you have trouble initially, begin on your knees and work your way towards a regular pushup. If they become too easy, you can perform them on an incline.

Purchase a pull-up bar. Pull-ups are also fantastic compound exercises that target your neck, shoulders, back, biceps, or triceps. Even better, they can be performed in a variety of grip configurations that target various combinations of muscles. If you have trouble performing them, you can begin with your feet on a chair and then work your way up.

In order to target the abdominal region (and build up your six pack for when it’s finally visible), you can perform crunches and sit-ups. Both are great ways to strengthen and tighten your mid-section and work your way towards lean, chiseled abs. Remember that your abdominal muscles are actually divided into various sections and should be targeted separately (lower abs, upper abs, obliques, transverse abdominis and rectus abdominis).


Perhaps you are less concerned about putting on muscle than you are on staying lean or losing fat. In this case, there are plenty of at-home cardio options. Ideally, you have a treadmill or stationary bicycle. If not, however, there are still plenty of things you can do.

There are practically thousands of exercise DVD’s that offer a wide variety of intensities and styles of exercise. Cardio does not need to be time intensive however. Simply performing a set or two of jumping jacks in the morning can be a great way to boost your metabolism for the rest of the day. If, however, you would like to simply run then the great outdoors are perennially open. Find a cardio workout and schedule that you can stick with; it will pay you back in spades.

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