Simple Fitness Tips

Believe it or not, fitness is about the little things most of the time. Yet for some reason, many people believe it is about large acts or acute exercises. You can run until you are out of breath every day for a week, but you will not be fit.




You will merely experience a small boost in your cardiovascular endurance. To be fit, you must live a fit lifestyle. Yet this doesn’t necessarily mean that you must spend half of your waking hours at the gym or constantly fret about your waistline. Rather, it means that you must develop smart habits. The good news is that these habits need not be drastic. Listed below are some small things you can do on a daily basis to shed fat and build muscle.

Exercise Less and More Often

If you begin an exercise regimen and immediately spend an hour or more on the treadmill every day, you will experience burn out. You will also be susceptible to swings in your schedule. What if you suddenly don’t have an hour long block of time to exercise?

Instead, exercise in small chunks. Spend some time on the treadmill whenever you’re watching television, or do crunches in blocks during the day. This will make sure that you have don’t have any excuses not to follow your workout regimen, and it also provides consistent and strong boosts to your metabolism throughout the day.

The biggest indicator of whether or not your workout schedule is going to succeed is not how much you are working out, but rather if you can stick with it. It is better to operate at a lower intensity for a year than a higher intensity for a month. Build habits that will continue throughout your life, and you will never stray far from your goals.

Eat Less, More Often

This one is pretty simple too. Eat smaller meals more frequently. Instead of eating three giant meals every day, eat six smaller ones or three meals and three snacks. This is because eating large amounts spikes your blood sugar, which triggers your body to store fat. If you keep your body consistently fueled with food on the other hand, your blood sugar stays level, and you burn more fat whilst storing less.

Keep in mind however that this does not mean you should always have food in your hand. Essentially, you’re consuming the same amount of calories but spread over more consistently throughout the day.

One Change a Month

The easiest way you can transition into a healthy lifestyle is gradually. Pick a change to make every month, stick with it until the end of the month, and then either keep it or leave it. For example, if you stop drinking soda, chances are you will find that you can’t even stand the sugary drink after four weeks.

Decide on an adjustment to make (it can be something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator) and try it out. You’ll be amazed at the habits you’ve picked up at the end of the year.

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