How to Burn Fat while Watching Television

Finding time in the day to exercise can often times be an exercise in itself .Luckily, there are ways for you to burn fat whilst watching television.
Couple in living room watching television


What if someone told you that you could get an efficient and effective workout in all without turning off the TV or leaving your living room? It’s not one of those gimmicky devices, but rather a series of simple exercises that require minimal time and commitment. You’ll lose even more weight because exercising during your favorite television programs will preclude you from snacking. Forget spending hours at the gym! Performing the following moves will save you both time and stress.


Here’s a fun activity…every commercial break, do a set of push-ups. Even by the end of a 30-minute program, chances are you’ll be exhausted. If you can’t perform a full push-up, just place your arms on the couch instead. It’s easier and lighter on your joints.

Jumping jacks

If cardio is more your thing, spend the duration of the commercial break doing jumping jacks or running in place. You’ll enjoy your shows more because it means a rest period, and the exercise will actually boost your metabolism so that you burn calories as you watch television.


This one is an old favorite with perhaps a few new twists. Place your feet under the couch and perform crunches or sit-ups until your abs are sore. Then, lie on your side and perform side crunches to work your outer abdominals and obliques. If you feel like you’re on a roll, you can work your transverse abdominis and lower back too. Just lie on your front with your arms out in front of you and crunch upwards.

Armchair Stands

These are like reverse squats, and work almost as many muscles too. Sit on the edge of your chair or couch with your feet spread apart. Without using your arms, apply pressure from your feet and stand up. Lower your body, and repeat right before you touch the couch again. Do as many of these as you can. Chances are it won’t be too many at first. This is a fantastic workout for your calves and thighs (as well as your lower back and glutes).


Stand right in front of the side of your couch with your hands resting on it at both sides. Bend them at a ninety degree angle and “dip” down. Repeat as many times as you can. This works your triceps, as well as your lower back.


If the above exercises seem too timid to you, just place a treadmill in your living room. This simple change has helped thousands of people lose countless pounds. You get to watch your favorite television programs whilst doing a full 30-60 minute cardio workout. It doesn’t even have to be a treadmill; stair-climbers, stationary-bikes, or even a full indoor track all work. The goal is to have no excuse NOT to work out. If you have time for television, you will have time to exercise.

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