How to Lose Weight Fast This Year

Maybe beach season slowly crept up on you, or maybe you simply find yourself days away from your wedding without realizing it. Unfortunately, you’ve spent the past few months (or years) on the couch instead of at the gym.

Drastic weight loss in a short span of time is not recommended, but there are some quick adjustments you can make that can shed a few pounds in just a week or two. The secret is not a starvation diet or magic “weight loss” pills, but rather some vigorous exercise and a few minor dietary adjustments.




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Caloric Intake

Losing a pound of fat is equivalent to about a 3,500 calorie deficit. This deficit can generally be created one of two ways. It can be created with diet and exercise. The first step is to determine your metabolic rate, or how many calories you burn on a normal day. If you have been neither gaining nor losing weight, the amount of calories you consume on average is probably your metabolic rate. Your goal then is to create a caloric deficit through your diet.

For those looking to lose weight fast, there is some good news. When you first begin a diet, your metabolism is not used to a caloric deficit and runs at full speed. As you continue the diet, your metabolism responds to the caloric deficit by slowing down, thus making the diet less effective in its later stages. So by giving yourself only a few weeks, you will actually be experiencing the most efficient part of the weight loss process.

The easiest and least drastic change you can make to shed weight in the short term is actually going to be a series of minor adjustments to every day habits. If you drink soda, drink water instead. If anything you eat has a lower fat substitute, choose that instead. If you drink alcohol, give it up for a few weeks. All of these minor changes will combine to produce a huge net effect, and many of them are great lifestyle adjustments that can carry over into your day to day life.


There is only so much you can do with your diet. If your body normally burns 2,500 calories a day and you create a 500 calorie deficit (which is actually surprisingly easy to do), you will burn about a pound of fat a week. To do more, you will need the help of exercise.

To save time, perform medium to high intensity cardio workouts as many days as possible. Time them in the mornings, if possible, as that is when your body will be low on carbohydrates and you are more likely to go directly to fat as a fuel source.

Ease into these as much as possible, as straining yourself can result in an injury that will be far more inconvenient than a few extra pounds.
After a few sessions, your body will be used to the exercise, and then you can increase the intensity. This will result in even more weight loss.

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