How to Shed Pounds Quickly

Whether beach season is approaching or you simply want to shed some pounds as fast as possible for no reason at all, do not be discouraged. Not only is there a rather simple way to lose weight fast, but it is comparatively easier than losing weight in the long run.




This is because when you first begin a diet, your metabolism is still operating at full capacity, whereas it tends to slow down a few weeks into the new eating plan. Thus, you will get the most “bang for your buck” in the first few days or weeks of your new weight loss plan.

That is not to say, however, that it will be easy or that there is a silver bullet for weight loss. You will need the same patience and commitment that any weight loss plan requires.

How to Shed Pounds Quickly: Don’ts

The first thing you need to avoid doing is get your hopes too high. Believing that you are going to be able to lose ten pounds in a week is just setting yourself up to fail and will ultimately result in weight-storing stress in the end.

The second thing not to do, and the mistake that thousands of people seem to make every year, is starving yourself. Not only will this cause countless health problems, but it will also cause your metabolism to immediately take a nosedive and your body to begin storing fat as a cautionary measure.

If somehow this approach shows results in the short term, it will inevitably lead to disaster when you cease your diet and begin eating what you previously ate.

Finally, take pride in every small gain and use it as encouragement to continue. If your results do not come as fast as you wish, it is up to you to persevere until they do.

How to Shed Pounds Quickly: Do’s

Firstly, set a manageable goal for yourself. You can realistically lose a pound or two a week. In extreme circumstances, this amount may be three or four, but this is generally water weight in the initial stages.

The next thing you should do is determine your caloric intake. Most people eat between two and three thousand calories a day. 3,500 calories burnt usually equal approximately a pound of fat loss. A large portion of this deficit can be created through diet, but not all of it.

Find three or four foods that you eat on a daily basis that you can easily eliminate. This is often things like soda, pizza, or high calorie snacks. Oftentimes, you can create a deficit of five hundred or more calories just by eliminating these simple things and not lose any nutritional intake.

Finally you should exercise. If you are a beginner, do some light cardio three to four times a week. Exercise and diet are generally both required for effective weight loss, and if you are condensing your schedule to just a few weeks then you should absolutely be performing physical exercise on a semi regular basis. The more the better, but don’t strain yourself. An injury can set you back weeks.

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