Lose Weight While You Sleep

If you are like most people who don’t like to exercise but still want to lose weight, lifting weights may be the answer for you.



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Whether it’s your own body weight or actual dumbbells you’re lifting, a little can go a long way – and the residual effect continues even while you sleep.

Why Weights to Lose Weight?

Weight lifting is low impact when done correctly, and you don’t have to work out for nearly as long as you would if you were doing aerobic exercise alone. That’s not to say that aerobic exercise doesn’t have its place, because it does.

A good weight lifting workout can be completed in 10 minutes or less and cover all your major muscle groups. You can move at your own pace and increase weights only when you’re ready, when your body tells you it’s stronger and more capable of doing so. The greatest part is that you can exercise much less – just a few minutes 2 or 3 times a week – and still dramatically change your physique for a more attractive look and healthy feel.

The truth is that you aren’t going to burn a whole lot of calories in a single weight-lifting session, but as you build more muscle mass your body will burn a whole lot more calories all throughout the day – whether you’re awake and active or resting.

Using Your Own Body Weight

Weight lifting doesn’t have to involve dumbbells or a gym membership. Your body has all the weight you need to provide sufficient resistance for strength training and may actually profit you more. Anytime you are supporting your own weight, that’s a good workout that will strengthen your muscles, joints, bones and bodily systems and help everything function better.

Did you know that simply standing literally on your own two feet and moving about is a muscle builder? That’s 100 plus pounds you’re carrying around every time you do. It definitely beats sitting and counters all of the potential health risks associated with prolonged sitting.

In addition to just standing and walking about, you can build muscle strength by bearing your own weight in exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, squats, stair climbing, stair running spurts, etc. Yoga is another discipline that uses your body weight in slow, fluid movements to not only strengthen you mentally and spiritually, but, in this case especially, sculpt your body in the process.

So as you can see, when it comes to lifting weights, less is more. It also helps to incorporate weight training with another physical activity that you enjoy. Think of exercise as a time to have fun and get your body moving, doing everything you already do, but being conscious of the fact that it’s going to help you lose weight.

Everyday activities like bike riding, walking through the mall, running up and down the stairs at home, housecleaning, etc. are all forms of exercise that don’t require you to think about it. Just do it.

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