The Mediterranean Diet

Dr. Oz is always trying to find medical help to make us healthier, and to prevent diseases, but he also focuses on how to loose weight in his articles and shows. For example The Mediterranean Diet.

Mediterranean diet


The Mediterranean diet is considered more an eating habit. The more you eat healthier, the healthier you are. The first place this diet was used was in the Mediterranean, the people from there were known to have the longest lifetime, and they had few diseases in their long life in the same time, because of eating healthy, the Mediterranean diet.

Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Beans

The basic composition of this diet is the fruit. Instead of eating lots of meat, they eat plant based foods, fruits, vegetables, grains and beans, very healthy for humans. Instead of hard meat, like we eat, cow or pork, their meat was consisted of fishes and shellfishes. As easy meat, it is very healthy for the heart. Other food they used was the olive oil, canola oil and they drank red wine.

Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Just a few advantages which you can benefit from using this type of diet are prevention of cancers, it is a help in controlling diabetes, for people who suffer from this disease, also is very beneficial for the heart, because reduces the chances of making a heart disease, by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. For the diet to be complete, you need to make exercise every day, at least half an hour, and to reduce your stress.

Oils, Nuts, Seeds, More Fruits & Veggies

The major part of the diet is consisted by the grains, beans, and legumes. 9A.M. is the time in which you have approximately to eat.
Tip: Server olive oil, canola oil, seeds, nuts, red wine, but with the red wine you should not exaggerate, herbs spices, and fruits,

You can eat plenty of these foods, and you can find them in the supermarket, or in the bio food shops in the whole world. So you don’t have to go for anything specific, it just has to be from the kind of what you want to eat, like if you want to eat fruits, there is a plenty number from which you can choose.

Avoid Processed Foods

What you should not eat while you are on this diet are red meats or processed foods. Or, if you want to eat these kinds of foods, you should not eat much of it at least. Also, the diet is limited in the quantity of sweets, dairy and saturated fats, so try to avoid these if you want to do the diet in a right way.

Dr. Oz has a very good approach in the subject, and recommends it for everybody as being the most efficient diet. He also sustains that the vegetables and everything your diet consists of should be fresh and preferably organic.

Dr. Oz became famous, since makes his appearances in the world famous “Oprah” TV show. He has a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and he is director in the medical institutes of the Integrated Medicine Center and Heart Institute of New York. Also, vice chairman and professor at the Colombia University in New York.

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