The Ultimate 99-second Healthy Eating Plan

  • Saturated fats – any fat that comes from 4-legged animals, or palm and coconut oil
  • Hydrogenated fat (trans fat) – primary omega-6 fat found in corn oil and soybean oil
  • Simple sugars – those ending in –ose, like sucrose, glucose, maltose, and fructose, or sugar alcohols that end in –ol, and syrups
  • Any non-whole grain – such as bleached or enriched flour
  • Anything with 4 or more grams of sugars per serving




Hydrogenated fats are used to increase the shelf life of products. Unfortunately hydrogenated fats are very unhealthy and should be avoided. Also saturated fats and sugars should be avoided, because diary products rise our blood cholesterol levels.

Instead eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and fatty-fish.

Sugars gives us a insulin boost, that makes us feel better for a moment, but our blood sugar levels will quickly fall afterwards and make us feel fatigued and tired. Avoid sugars.Instead try sweet agave and stevia. Both alternative sweeteners are available in your local shopping mall.

White-flour is unhealthy, it lacks most of the nutrtions. White-flour only contains traces of Vitamin B, E and fiber.

Sugar should be avoided at all costs:

“If it’s white, it’s killing you”

Sugar feeds bacteria like candida and yeast infections.

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