Top 10 Healthy Apps: Medication, Workout, Diet Apps

Today you can find apps for every imaginable purpose, so you may as well use some that make you healthier. There are quite a few apps for both iPhone and Android that can help you stick to your diet or motivate you to exercise more. Here are 10 of the best healthy apps on the market right now.


Source: Medication Guide

1. If you are taking prescription medication, it’s important to keep track of data such as refill dates, dosages, pharmacy phone numbers and more. This free app is available for both iPhone and Android. It even helps you identify possible side effects and medications that should not be taken together.

Workout Trainer

2. A versatile app that gives you a variety of workout options, including weight training, yoga and abs exercises. Available for both iPhone and Android, this free app can help motivate and instruct anyone who wants to get more active.

My Diet Coach

3. This is an app that can help you maintain your motivation to stick to your diet. You can get diet tips, suggestions on something healthy to eat and suggestions on how to overcome a food craving.

Zombies Run

4. If you’re a fan of zombie movies, this is the ideal app to motivate you to run faster. It turns your run into a game where you have to escape the clutches of ravenous zombies. This app is available for iPhone and Android and currently sells for around $3.99.

See Me Get Fit

5. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to diet and exercise is to see actual evidence of your progress. This app helps you accomplish this by storing photos of you at different dates as you work towards your goals. Right now this app is only available for iPhone.


6. This is a free app for iPhone and Android that lets you enter information about yourself to help you reach your target weight. When you enter your age, weight, height and other data the app will guide you on how many calories you can consume if you want to reach your goal.

Azumio Instant Heart Rate App

7. This is a simple but extremely helpful app that lets you track your heart rate from your smart phone. It uses the camera of your phone as a heart rate monitor. It can detect your heart rate if you place your finger over the camera. This app is available for both iPhone and Android. There is both a free version and a more detailed paid version that lets you store information.

Map My Run

8. With MapMyRun you can keep track of the routes and distances you cover and share the information with other users. It can be used by runners, bikers, walkers or hikers. You can sign up for a free account on the app’s website and download the app from Google or iTunes.

Garmin Fit

9. Garmin is famous for its GPS systems and now it has created a useful app to help you make your workouts more efficient. It can tell you things like your speed, distance covered and how many calories you’ve burned. This is perfect for joggers, walkers and hikers. This app is only $0.99 for Android or iPhone.


10. Nutrition is a big part of health, fitness and weight loss. This app helps you track the nutritional value of the foods you eat. You can type in foods you see at the grocery store and get detailed information about them. You can get this app for free on Android or iPhone.

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