Dr. Oz Brain Smoothie

Because everyone always seems to be on the run, they sometimes forget about the most important aspects when it comes their diet and their health.


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Breakfast Brain Smoothie

What does your car do if you skip a refill for example, or if you use low quality fuel? The same thing goes for the human body. You might not feel that skipping a meal is a big deal, but actually you body energy will decrease substantially, along with all vitamin and mineral level your body so desperately needs.

I speak from experience when I say that the most likely meal to be skipped is breakfast, which is quite ironic seeing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why do we do it? Well, this is another irony, because we usually do it to save time.

What we don`t think about is that skipping breakfast is actually slowing us down for the rest of the day. We will think, work and concentrate harder on everything making our day harder than it has to be.

Having a healthy breakfast will however have the exact opposite effect as it will give you an energy boost, making all of your daily tasks seem like a piece of cake.

In order to combine the need of having a healthy breakfast and the little time people usually have in the morning, Dr. Oz found a wonderful solution that will give you the necessary energy boost, without having to waste a lot of time preparing it.
He found a solution to make breakfast healthy, fast and fun by putting together a perfect Brain Smoothie Recipe. Its main ingredients are apple juice, bananas, blueberries and nuts.

None of the ingredients have been randomly chosen, each one of them having a clear purpose to make your body healthier.
Not everyone knows, for example, that Blueberries are very good for your brain function, also protecting you from stress. Now who wouldn`t need a dose of that before going to work?

Bananas & Nuts

Bananas are very good for your memory so they are a great solution if you are involved in activities that need constant learning. They also maintain a great balance in what your appetite is concerned, helping you control your body weight.
Hemp nuts are also very good for your brain and for your nervous system.

Apple Juice Brain Smoothie

And why would apple juice be any different? You guessed it; apple juice is also very good for your brain, enhancing your memory level. So who wouldn`t want to have a smoothie like that on their way to work? With all those memory and brain nourishing ingredients, it is a clear recipe for success.
As this weren`t enough the smoothie is also very good for your memory and it also helps you fight stress, as work is a sure place where you might have to face it.

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