Dr. Oz’s list of foods that you better avoid!

Regular solutions for regular people
Every time a person wants to loose some weight they immediately go on a diet. What is actually funny, but also funny about this situation is that there will always be new diets to keep. Keeping a diet is never boring as every time you want to do it, you can try a different one.


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The question that needs to be asked here is why not just keeping the same diet? Why not find a diet that works and keep it? I`m sure everyone`s answer will be that people are different and it is impossible for the same diet to have results on everyone. Ok, I can agree to that, but then my curiosity would be: why not keep your regular personal diet? If we find a good diet that has visible results, why not just stick to it?

Diets are all about trend, especially when it comes to celebrities on diets. If a celebrity manages to loose weight keeping a certain diet, he or she will no doubt have a great numbers of followers that will completely forget about what works for them, and go after the celebrity diet.

I guess the reason why someone would do such a thing is the same why people hurry up and buy cheap replicates of celebrity clothes. Though they don`t make you look better or make you anymore famous, you still do it. What people don`t want to see is that what looks good on Beyonce, will not necessarily look good on you; what makes Victoria Bekcham loose weight will not guarantee results in your case.

Another aspect that we don`t take into consideration is the money the celebrities invest in their clothes and their bodies. You can not expect to have the same result just because you are keeping one of Victoria Bekcham`s diets, unless you too can spend all your day in the gym, beauty salons and massage centers.

If you are a regular person who has a regular budget and has a common lifestyle that implies certain daily responsibilities you should try solutions that will be adapted to your personal needs and that will guarantee on giving YOU results.

Eating a leave of salad and drinking water will not give you the energy to fulfill your daily responsibilities so try having a different approach.

The simplest method to loose weight is to cut down or even completely get out a number of foods from your daily diet. Of course everyone knows about avoiding fats and sweets, but Dr. Oz a more detailed list with things that should be absolutely forbidden from your diet:

List of foods that you better avoid

1) Hydrogenated oil, as it is a sure source of trans fat, having a lot of negative effects on our body.
2) Sugar will not only assure overweight but it is also a sure weight to diabetes.
3) High fructose corn syrup that has slowly replaced old fashion sugar in a great number of foods.
4) Enriched flour as it`s nutrients are artificially added after it`s processing, transforming it n to artificial flower.
5) Saturated fat should be decrease or even taken completely out of our diet.


  1. sandy adame

    hi, sandy here.
    ya know, all the things on the list of foods that we better avoid are the things that a diabetic should avoid.
    i began to feel very ill. all signs pointed towards diabetes. i had all the symptoms, it runs in my family and i WAS overweight.( i felt so close to death )……so…..
    i started on the diabetic diet, i eat five smaller meals per day and i am now only one point away from being a diabetic.
    i totally believe that changing my diet is the reason i am not a full blown diabetic today.
    following a diabetic diet has helped me in so many ways…i feel so much healthier, more alert, i’m sleeping better, my memory has improved, and i have lost 5 lbs. per month since i started the diabetic diet.
    i walk anywhere from 15-45 three to five days a week. i try for everyday but it’s not always possible….
    it’s awesome.

  2. Alice Rodriguez

    My husband has just been diagnoise with kidney cancer to the point that the Dr has to remove his kidney. What kind of foods does he need to watch for when consuming a meal to prevent strain on the good kidney. Please me in this matter. Thank you Dr OZ

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