Dr. Oz on foods that affect your mood

Foods can have effects on our mood. Every food has a chemical effect in our body.

A piece of cake or donuts can make you feel sad, depressed. First you will experience an energy boost and possibly a better mood, but afterwards when your blood levels go down, you will also have a “low” mood, feeling tired and fatigued.


Source: http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3112/3173763640_9e7345e149_o.jpg

Foods that can improve your mood are:

Nuts, 1 banana per day, fish and other foods that contain a lot of Omega 3. You should consider taking Omega 3 supplements, e.g. fish oil supplements.

According to Dr. Oz, Omega 3 can also help you to reduce stress. Fatty fishs and Walnuts contain a lot of Omega 3 vitamins. Fatty fish might not sound “healthy”, but sardine and mackerel are a really great source of omega-3 fatty acids!!

A lack of Vitamin D can also have effects on your mood.

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