Easy and Healthy Dinner Options

Every night, millions of Americans who are attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle suffer nightmares about planning dinner. This is because the activity of cooking is usually time-consuming, and restricting your options to foods that are healthy and nutritious can make the process exponentially more difficult.


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Yet eating a healthy dinner does not have to be half as difficult as many people make it out to be. There are, luckily, tons of nutritious options that are both easy to put together and just as delicious as their calorie laden counterparts. If you wish, you can even plan and create your dinners for the week ahead of time, saving you both time and stress in advance.

Examples of Easy and Healthy Dinner Options

The first option is one that most people would not associate with a dinner entrée; the salad. Yet, surprisingly, salads can be just as filling as even the heartiest steak. This is because the old definition of the salad as a bowl of lettuce eaten as a precursor to the main meal is effectively deceased. These days, you can add practically anything to your salad; chicken, tofu, or even steak.

Additionally, because a salad can have as many ingredients as you wish, you are far more likely to be eating a balanced meal capable of providing you with the various vitamins and nutrients that your body requires. Be careful however, you should be using lean protein sources (if you use beef, use lean cuts) and avoid sauces and dressings that are high in fat and calories as they can suck the nutritional value right out of your salad.

Perhaps, however, a salad simply isn’t your style. You need a meal that not only contains protein, but consists primarily of it. In this case, most beef dishes that are considered healthy generally take a good amount of time to prepare. Luckily, there are other (more lean) sources of protein that you can prepare easily and occasionally even in advance. Salmon and chicken are excellent examples of this.

Both can be easily seasoned and thrown in the oven for a few hours to create a delicious and healthy dinner that anyone will enjoy. Fish such as salmon, additionally, provide Omega-3 fatty acids, which are absolutely essential for optimal health. Maybe you’re tired of chicken and fish? Look into more exotic meats such as bison and buffalo. Both taste almost exactly like beef but are significantly healthier.

Want to create something in a flash that is slightly more interesting than the normal dinner options? Invest in some brown rice and make stir fry. Simply add some low sodium sauce and plenty of vegetables and you will have a filling and healthy dish that you can save for later.

Stir fry, just like a salad, gives you practically limitless options. You can add any protein source of your choice as well as whatever vegetables, nuts, and even legumes that you wish. The brown rice will provide filling fiber that will help keep you feeling satisfied for hours afterwards.

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