Eliminate Waste to Shrink Your Waist

If you are harboring excess waste in your colon and digestive tract, you will have a harder time getting rid of belly fat and shrinking your waist.



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Here is where fiber comes into play. Fiber is the number one way to eliminate waste and toxins that hide out in your digestive system – and, provided you get it through natural sources, also the safest.

Why Fiber?

If you frequently experience gas and bloating, you likely aren’t properly eliminating waste from your colon. Gas and bloating give you the appearance of a protruding belly, and fiber can get rid of them both.

In the process of eliminating waste, fiber breaks down foods better so that essential nutrients are absorbed by the body and waste is discarded. Drinking more water with more fiber makes for an even more powerful effect, as water flushes out fat and toxins too. The result is a flatter tummy and accelerated weight loss.

Carcinogens and other harmful substances attach themselves to fiber as it passes through your digestive tract and pass out of the body during bowel movements. Fats and cholesterol are also attracted to fiber, so that they are eliminated from the body quicker too, leaving them little chance of being stored and of causing you to gain weight.

Eating fiber-rich foods also cause you to feel a sensation of fullness for a longer period of time, since fiber lingers in the body longer. Furthermore, the texture of fiber-rich foods normally requires you to chew more vigorously and thoroughly to break the food down enough to swallow, which slows down the pace at which you are eating. All of this means you are less likely to overeat or get hungry between meals. When you are better able to manage your appetite in this way, you can also better manage your weight.

Eating fiber with the occasional sweet foods and carbohydrates will keep your blood sugar levels from spiking. If you are a diabetic, fiber is your new best friend, because it regulates blood sugar and keeps your symptoms suppressed.

Absent of fiber, sweet foods and carbs raise insulin levels sharply and cause your body to retain fat. So keep the fiber coming and drink plenty of fluids (specifically water) to battle the bulge.
Below are some natural foods that provide all the fiber you need to begin shrinking your waistline:

Fiber-Rich Foods

Though this list is far from exhaustive, you can get lots of fiber by eating more of the following foods: whole grain bread, oatmeal, quinoa, beans, dark green, leafy vegetables (spinach, broccoli, greens, kale, etc.), berries, brown rice, raisins, prunes, bran, nuts, apples, pears, etc. The recommended amount of daily fiber is 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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