Foods that Help you Stay Full Longer

There are few things more frustrating for an individual on a diet (or perhaps anyone at all) than eating what you thought was a full meal only to feel hungry just minutes later. Unfortunately, this has become a common occurrence as most of what we eat these days is packed with empty calories and simple carbohydrates that are flushed through the system and provide no real nutritional satisfaction.



The solution to this problem is eating foods that have valid and concrete abilities to keep you full for a long time, and they are far more common than one would think. Listed below are some foods that will help you stay full for hours and some foods to avoid unless you want to find yourself hungry almost immediately after.

Foods that Help you Stay Full for Long

Often times, the food property most associated with satiety is fiber content. While fiber certainly plays a huge role in keeping you full, it is not the only thing capable of doing so. Protein, for example, is another crucial component of the nutritional pyramid that will keep you from snacking an hour later.

Yet few people eat “fiber” for breakfast or “protein” for lunch. Rather, they tend to eat meals made up of various components some of which are healthy while others distinctly less so. What foods are likely to help satisfy your appetite and prevent you from over-consuming? You may just be pleasantly surprised.

Eggs, for example, are just seventy calories a piece, yet they pack a whopping one two punch of protein and nutrients. A single egg has over six grams of protein and will keep you full for almost twice as long as a bagel with the same amount of calories. A study found that women who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight than those who did not, likely because that protein helped keep their appetites in check.

Soup, believe it or not, is another food that fits the bill. Likely because of the rich water content, your brain seems to be triggered to tell your body that it is beginning to feel full by the time you reach your second course. Look for soups with fibrous vegetables or beans in them for an even better effect.

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, which actually slow the rate at which your stomach empties. They also pack a tremendous amount of vitamins such as Folate and Potassium. Low fat yogurt is often packed with calcium and protein with very little fat or carbohydrates, keeping you satisfied without packing on the calories.

Foods to Avoid if You Want to Stay Full

Believe it or not, there are actually foods that either outright stimulate your appetite or do very little to satisfy it. Alcohol, for example, will make you hungry and force you to over-consume. Even worse, the calories you ingest while drunk are often stored as fat.

Foods that are high in processed sugars and little else will satisfy your appetite – for about half an hour. They provide practically nothing for your body to work with, and as soon as it realizes this it will naturally signal you that it is hungry again. The same often goes for “diet” foods that may as well be empty space.

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