Foods To Keep at Home And Foods That You Can Freeze Without Feeling Bad

Cooking at home provides two very important advantages over going out to eat. It is significantly cheaper and allows you to control your portion size. To be able to whip up a meal at any hour of the day, keep the following items stocked at all times.


Eating at home may not be as glamorous as going out to eat every single night, but the benefits are numerous. For one, you know exactly what you’re eating and how many calories are in it. For another, it is often exponentially cheaper than the same meal prepared for you in a restaurant. Eating at home, however, often requires extensive grocery shopping. To minimize the hassle, make sure that you have the following items at all times. They will enable you to prepare a variety of healthy and hearty meals whenever you desire.

Protein Sources

Chicken breasts are extremely cheap and, when frozen, can last for quite some time. They are extremely low in fat and high in protein, which will help keep you full for much longer. Chicken is often considered the “vanilla” of protein, but that is because you can do so many things with it (see the “sauces and seasoning”).
Eggs aren’t just for breakfast anymore. Many cooked and baked dishes call for eggs as an ingredient. They are extremely cheap and one of the most biologically ideal protein sources in the world. Make an omelet for breakfast, or simply throw them into some fried rice for dinner.

Canned beans are equally as versatile. Not only can they be turned into an entrée (burritos, anyone?) but they also make excellent side dishes such as dips and spreads.

Fruit and Vegetables

Frozen fruit and berries are a great way to get your vitamins without having to worry about spoilage. They are also cheaper than the fresh variety, as they are up to 60% less than the fresh variety. You can throw them into a morning smoothie or simply defrost and eat them as a snack. Either way, you’ll be eating healthy without losing too much out of your wallet.

Bananas are yet another excellent and healthy snack. Eat one after your workout to avoid post-exercise cramps or just pack one for your lunch.

Always keep lettuce (Romaine has added fiber and a more crunchy texture) on hand to make a salad. You’ll find that there really is no end to how many different salads you can create with just a few basic ingredients.

Sauces and Seasonings

Sauces and seasonings are what enable you to keep just a dozen or so items perpetually on hand, yet they constantly surprise your family with a variety of flavors. Invest in a pre-stocked spice rack. It will make sure you have whatever obscure spice a recipe calls for.

Peppers and hot sauce are a great way to add kick to otherwise bland dishes. Cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon can quickly turn into your secret culinary weapons.

Avoid artificial or processed sweeteners. Humanity has been eating tasty food for thousands of years without them and your family can too.

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