Foods With Amazing Properties

If you spend more time in the supplement aisle than in the fruit and vegetable aisle, here’s some shocking news… you may be paying exponentially more for something that is less effective than it’s pennies on the dollar counterpart.




While nutritional supplementation can be a useful exercise, it is not the solution to all of your problems. In fact, many foods have components such as phytonutrients that cannot be properly encapsulated in a pill. This means that eating the original thing (what our ancestors have been surviving on for countless centuries) is actually healthier. Listed below are some foods with absolutely amazing abilities. Eat them, and you may just be able to throw your multivitamin away forever.

Grass Fed Beef

Your nostalgic grandfather had a point (well, about some things); some things were simply done better in the past. Beef has changed tremendously over the past several decades. When the daily diets of cattle were permanently altered from grass to grain feed, the meat and milk that they began to supply changed for the worse.

While a cow on a grain diet can produce significantly more of both, it is lower in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids and much higher in fat (especially saturated fat). The switch from grass to grain feed is actually one of the main reasons that most Americans are chronically deprived of Omega 3’s. If you want to eat healthy without giving up red meat, invest in some grass fed beef.

Ricotta Cheese

Non fat ricotta cheese is one of the most diverse dairy items you can buy. A whey based soft cheese, ricotta can be mixed with fruit jam or thrown into a smoothie. It is a fantastic source of protein that contains little to no fat and carbohydrates. Perhaps best of all, it is fairly cheap and extremely plentiful.


Better known as “50% of the vegetarian diet” or “what they make fake meat out of”, tofu is actually one of the only vegetarian items that contains all of the necessary amino acids. Made from soybeans, it is a fairly lean protein and a great change of pace from red meat and poultry. It also contains isoflavone, which helps your muscles recover from physical exercise.


Lentils are a type of bean that is most often found in soup, but they are useful for other foods too. Lentils contain high amounts of protein, zinc and B vitamins, as well as complex carbohydrates. Often claimed to improve sexual health (a medically valid possibility thanks to the B Vitamins and Zinc), they also aid in digestion.


There is a reason tens of millions of Americans begin their day with eggs every morning. They are one of the most biologically effective sources of protein in the world. Believe it or not, eggs provide the most nutrients for the amount of calories of any food.

While it was once believed that you should dump the yolk and just eat the whites, recent research has shown that dietary cholesterol actually has much less impact on blood cholesterol than originally thought. Eggs also contain Choline, a vitamin that improves brain function.

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