Foods with Excellent Health Benefits

These days, it seems that whenever you flip on the television, you’re met with a dozen doomsday reports of various foods or ingredients that have been determined to be harmful to your health.

Such sensationalist reporting is useful (for warning us of E. Coli outbreaks, for example), but it does little to teach us what we should be eating instead. There is a bright side, and as it turns out, there are dozens of foods that humanity has consumed for centuries that have extraordinary health benefits.

These foods are not only nutritious, but they are also often delicious and safe to consume in large or even limitless quantities. Listed below are some foods that have excellent health benefits.




King Crab

This is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when asked to name a healthy food, but King Crab is extremely high in protein and very low in fat. It also has high amounts of Zinc, an antioxidant that helps keep your immune system running at optimal capacity. Just a six ounce serving of King Crab a week will give you a meal that is low in fat and helps you fight respiratory infection.

Bok Choy

Even if you’ve never heard of Bok Choy before, chances are you’ve seen or even eaten it already. Found in the pile of vegetables that comes with almost every Chinese, Thai, or even Korean entrée, Bok Choy is extremely high in calcium, iron, folic acid, potassium and Vitamins A and C. This makes it one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world. Throw it in salads or other foods for an exotic change of pace that will keep you healthy at the same time.


Prunes, or dried plums, are excellent at helping you avoid bone problems such as osteoporosis. This is because they are quite high in both boron and copper, as well as inulin (a fiber that helps your body absorb calcium). Eat a handful a day for energy and good bone health.


Oysters, like most shellfish, are extremely high in zinc as well as iodine, iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, and copper. Oysters are capable of elevating testosterone levels in men and helping ward off prostate cancer. Chances are you won’t eat them too regularly. You might want to eat oysters more regularly, as it is a delicious food that is high in vitamins and will lower your risk of prostate disease.


Long eaten by athletes for their ability to reduce cramps, bananas are also known for their high levels of potassium. Potassium helps prevent the loss of calcium from the body (some foods can actually leach it from you). It also improves immune system function, nervous system function, and your ability to process protein. A single banana can give you a whole day’s worth of potassium and enough carbohydrates to recover from even strenuous exercise.


Widely considered an exotic fruit until just a few decades ago, kiwis are high in potassium as well as Vitamin C and lutein (which helps lower your risk of heart disease). When eating them, avoid peeling the skin, as it is also full of vitamins and nutrients.

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