Gluten Free Foods

All sources of information has gotten people to get pay a lot more attention to their diet. We are all aware of the damaging effect a lot of foods have on our body, but good information often enlightens us about things we haven`t known about. One of this extremely helpful information is the gluten free diet.




What is gluten?

Although very few people have heard about it, Gluten is actually a protein that we can find in our daily foods. If you are worried about consuming it, you should know that you can mostly find it in foods like wheat, barley and rye.

Gluten has lately gotten everyone’s attention as specialists have discovered that it has really bad effects on a very high percentage of people.

These effects usually cause the well known Celiac Disease, but even if they don`t, a lot of people are highly intolerant to it. The worst part is that gluten can be found in most of our daily foods even though we might not know it. The most obvious foods that we can find gluten in, are all kinds of pastry products.

There are actually a great number of foods that are known to contain large quantities of gluten and are to be avoided. As easy as it might sound, this will not guarantee you a gluten free life as gluten might be hidden in foods you might not expect to find it in. Although avoiding gluten isn`t hard enough as it is, we also have to pay attention to hidden gluten that can be found in processed foods.

How to stay away from gluten?

This anti-gluten revolution can actually bring a lot of benefits in our goal towards living a healthier life. When you think about it, avoiding gluten means actually avoiding a lot of unhealthy foods that we usually have on a daily bases. Although not all pastry products contain gluten, we will surely exclude them just to be sure. This will result in a significant lower quantity of calories per day.

So, if we exclude all foods that have gluten, what can we eat?
The answer is quite simple. If gluten can be found in so many unhealthy foods, the only possibilities left are the healthy ones. So vegetables and fruits all the way!

A consistent diet of fruit and vegetables will not only keep you healthy, increase your energy level and get your weight down, but it will also keep you away from ever getting Celiac Disease. If having Celiac Disease was something not many people new about before, it is not an excuse anymore, as everyone has access to information about it

. The most important thing that you need to know about it, and that Dr. Oz was trying very hard to underline is that it damages your life in the worst possible way. It doesn`t kill you, but it doesn`t let you live a normal life either.

Fortunately, thanks to the great amount of information you can get, you can learn how to live a healthy gluten free life, without having to make drastic changes in your life style.

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  1. Manuela Hoult

    I watch the Dr.Zed show everyday. I think it is some informative and helpful in my life. I get migraine headaches more than once a month. I saw your show on September 1, 2010 on the disease about being gluten intolerant. This is why I think I have been getting many migraines, and some of the other symptoms you shared on your show on September 1, 2010. I would like some more information, and recipes to help me change the way I am eating.
    L cook very healthy. I always have fresh fruit and vegetable in my home. I use broths and stocks, canned tomatoes and canned beans, I always have in my pantry for cooking soups and stews and pasta dishes.
    I would love you to reply to my note to you.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Hoult

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